Caravan Stories’ open beta and launch are right around the corner


If you’re fortunate enough to have a PlayStation 4, then you are invited into the exclusive realm of Caravan Stories when it launches on July 23rd. While the rest of us will be waiting out in the, er, summer heat, PS4 gamers can check out this cel-shaded fantasy MMORPG that’s been imported from the east.

In fact, you can even play it next week thanks to the start of the open beta on July 16th. Studio Aiming has been fairly low-key in promoting the title with small tidbits of what players can expect to experience in Caravan Stories, such as guilds, grouping, the fluffy Gessy race, and various storylines.

For those of us on other consoles and PC who want to play it, then our only hope is that the PS4 version takes off. CM Linda Carlson replied to such requests by saying, “We hear this a lot! The game is only coming to NA PS4 at this time, but we hope to see you somewhere, someday!”

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