RIFT lead systems designer Andy ‘Vladd’ Kirton steps down

According to a thread on RIFT’s official forums today, a new lead systems designer is apparently on order in the flagship Trion MMORPG as Andy “Vladd” Kirton has left his post. Vladd is still at Trion “working on another title that needed his expertise,” Archonix posts, in coordination with Trion’s usual method of “rotating people to different projects.”

It is not immediately clear who at Trion will be filling Vladd’s shoes on RIFT, which is currently in the midst of controversial plans for a progression server. In response to player questions about the state of the game’s staff, Linda “Brasse” Carlson said Trion wasn’t going to grant a “full-on employee list and flow chart” and had no wish to spread “undue panic.”

“In this case, as Vladd was such a high-profile fellow, we needed to explain that he was not just swallowed up by the earth. The earth is not match for our golden viking demigod,” Brasse writes. “In a Dev studio, game needs and assignments change over time. If you check the Trion careers page, you’ll see that we have several jobs posted… movement is good.”

“Keep watching the RIFT streams and you’ll see all the Dev you can handle over time. Mind, a lot of them still simply prefer to work hard on the game and don’t like being out in any public arena, but I am working on a lineup of the usual socially malleable suspects for coming streams: DeadSimon, CaptainCursor, Amary, Archonix, Dakkon, Icarus, BlazingOctopus, any art guy I can capture with my net, the occasional accidental appearance of RoughRaptors and anyone else I can talk into coming on stream.”

Source: Official forums. With thanks to Mustafa.

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Best of luck to him. I hope his resume is hefty, because when future prospective employers see “Trion” as past work experience, he’ll likely lose points to other applicants.

Max Sand

I loved Rift, tho they have gone downhill IMHO since Nightmare Tide and the new Xpac just did nothing for me. I wish Vladd well, and hopefully a major change like this leads to better future content? I mean, some of the Systems in Rift are still unlike anything else out there(Zone Events seem like such a natural fit for WoW, Invasions in legion are closer, but it was just a whole other animal in Rift), and if we are to give him credit for them, then it shows that he at least was innovative(Tho I would give credit to his entire team, no man is an Island). I try to be optimistic even tho Trion has made blunder after blunder the last few years.

Knox Harrington

Now that Vladd’s gone, can we go back to how the Reaver soul used to play?


Brasse’s last gig had a lot of unnecessary community angst because we didn’t know the state of the staffing and had to guess (and make personal financial decisions based on those guesses), so maybe let’s not double down on that.

Bryan Turner

They call this guy an expert, almost every other MMO other than LOTRO has figured out how to connect people with mobile connections but this so called expert failed at something that you would think is pretty basic considering the vast number of major league MMOS that got it right; maybe the next expert can figure this out.