Crowfall’s new hires bring studio to 45 people as ‘complete game loop’ testing is mapped out


Let’s talk about money. Specifically, let’s talk about Crowfall’s money. ArtCraft is doing just that in a dev blog out today.

Referencing the $6M cash injection it picked up from investors at the tail end of 2017, the studio says it’s hired 10 new studio members in addition to a pair of contractors, all of whom were apparently “first choice” candidates for their jobs. That’s brought the studio up to 45 bodies.

“As a result, we now have more throw weight in Art, Design and Engineering,” J. Todd Coleman and Gordon Walton write, “and it also means we’ve started our ‘Live team’ hires (beginning with Operations, and continuing over the next few months with additional folks in Customer Service and Marketing.)”

The ArtCraft duo further says that the 5.4 update went live for testers yesterday, that the EU test server should return to service full-time soon, and that 5.5 is “progressing well.”

“Our plan is to bring that to TEST in February. The overriding goal is to get our complete game loop in place ASAP with the remaining features for Alpha implemented as early this year as possible.”


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Going to be “that person” and question as to how many of these 45 individuals were diversity hires and how many are just the standard cis white males that make up for the greatest portion of game development workforce. Especially when they mentioned that a lot of those hired are from previous MMO projects of a bygone era.


Why did you even make this post?


Yeah, why hire people based on skill and qualifications when you can waste your time on diversity?

Life isn’t fair, it never will be. Get this notion out of your mind that companies need to go out of their way to have diversity.

There just so happens to be a majority of white people in the US, but you don’t see companies based in non-white countries scrambling over having equal amount of whites in their staff.

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Wow 45 is tiny, this is basically an indie MMO.

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It might have been awkward if they had not said all were “first choice” candidates. Something along the lines of, “Most were first choice candidates. Except Bill. Bill was definitely NOT our first choice.”

Rolan Storm

You made me laugh, man. :D