Caravan Stories announces summer launch date for console


We almost had given up hope that we would ever see Caravan Stories make the jump from Japan to the west, but yesterday brought us the official confirmation. It is happening, people. The only bad news? Right now, at least, it’s just going to happen for the PlayStation 4. This is a little disappointing considering that Caravan Stories is a cross-platform title in Japan, but in any case, it will be launching in North America this July.

Caravan Stories is most notable for its lush cel-shaded and colorful palette as well as Pokémon-esque collect-and-battle activities. In fact, mastering the use of your pets is imperative to making your way through the game. It offers five races and 100 species of beasts to tame.

Fun fact: Linda Carlson, formerly of Trion Worlds and Daybreak, is currently attached to this project (in addition to her roles elsewhere, such as for Pantheon).

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