Elder Scrolls Online elaborates on Update 30’s tweaked proc sets and champion system


While Elder Scrolls Online’s Update 30 is still a little ways out, ZeniMax wants to prepare players for a couple of significant combat adjustments that will come with the patch.

The first of these involves addressing overpowered “proc sets” in PvP that are prioritizing gear over builds. The studio will be changing such gear to scale with player stats, which should (fingers crossed) “be an overall buff in PvE territory” while nerfing the proc meta in PvP.

The second change is an addition to the recently revised champion system. ZeniMax is adding new slots for support and healing as well as reducing the number of passive stars in the warfare and fitness constellations to help players get to better talents.

“With Update 30, we are continuing our dedication to this system by adding several new slotted stars for healing and support-focused builds. We also are keenly aware of the passive power this system added in the initial offering and the concerns you all have about getting optimal builds as soon as possible. To address these concerns, we are reducing the number of stages on passive stars in the Warfare and Fitness constellations by two more stages, to a maximum of 2 stages per passive star. This will greatly lower the number of points required to get to a more optimal build in both of those constellations, while also taking some of the power out of the high-end experience. We’ve also added a new and final sub-constellation (each tree can have up to 3) in the Warfare tree focused on healing, offering new slottable stars that support the healing playstyle, and added a few old favorites from the original Champion System focused on heavy and light attack damage to offer some core damage bonuses for players using their basic attacks.”


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Not anything about the pretty much hated green tree?


I mean, they are already doing all sorts of other things wrong, why not add more to the list?


PvP is always going to be crap in a stat-drive RPG.

Dug From The Earth

Not sure how this is going to change anything in PvP.

Players typically pick one attribute to maximize depending on their build. The same as in PvE.

DPS based builds will still proc big damage and heals since its “scaling off the highest attribute”.

Where this is going to hurt people is with the tanky builds. The builds that scale Armor and Health instead of pure Stam or Mag.

Its also going to make DPS build ignore getting sets with crit, spell pen, or anything other than Stam or Mag, that way their procs still hit super hard.

Once again, decisions by people who dont seem to even know how people are playing their game, who dont seem to understand basic math, are setting up to make changes replacing one problem with another.

Bruno Brito

It actually is a terrible change. The forums are on fire because tanky players are going to be less tanky than dps players that just spam heals. ESO PvP was pretty bad already.

Kickstarter Donor
Java Jawa

Sounds good to me as a PVE player.

Castagere Shaikura

So it seems like all the nerf crying is about PVP and PVE is getting buffed up. Since I don’t PVP this all sounds great to me.

Dug From The Earth

im fine keeping procs gone entirely

I want to fight the player, not the players gear.

Vanquesse V

My understanding is that what the devs mean when they say “procs” is not the same as what most people think of when we hear that word.
They are talking about any bonus that is in any way conditional.
So any set bonus that uses the words “when you” or “while”