Elyon previews its upcoming new content including a new class, the Soulbringer

Bringing souls!

Do you like classes with blades? Do you like classes with souls? Do those two words remind you of some other MMORPG out on the market that really likes blades and souls? Pure coincidence. We’re talking about Elyon today and its upcoming Soulbringer class, which wields paired swords and uses Soul Energy to fuel powerful attacks while exposing the enemy souls. It’s all about fast movements, quick cutting, and powerful flares of energy while you slash everything apart, so I think we can all agree that it is a compelling aesthetic and it’ll go far.

Speaking of going far, players will be going underwater with the newest addition of the Secret Sea hunting ground. There are also plans for a new area using the auto battle assistance, a new sort of large-scale siege content involving manamechs, and new equipment being added this summer without enhancement limits. You can get a visual rundown of all of this in the video just below, so dive in and see what the game has on-deck for the summer.

Source: YouTube
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