Bethesda says Fallout 76 scrapbox bug is a ‘top priority’ as ‘class warfare’ griefing claims surface

Ah, Fallout 76. Fans went from eagerness for "Country Roads" to using that same song as a backdrop for a year in review video...

SWTOR’s Powertechs and Vanguards get lethal new toys

The parade of Star Wars: The Old Republic class changes marches on, with BioWare thrusting the Powertech and Vanguard advanced roles into the spotlight...

City of Heroes Homecoming players have rolled almost a million toons to date

I've always said that if I could do one thing in video games - you know, besides what I already love and do -...
Test me.

Phantasy Star Online 2 is getting a new mecha-themed class in Japan

Now that Phantasy Star Online 2 is coming to North America (really, they mean it this time, until they don't), it feels a little...

Aion spins out Mark of the Vandal on August 21 with a new class, zone, and dungeon for the US version

Over there, in Aion! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's... actually, it's the Vandal, the new class being added with the appropriately dubbed...

The Daily Grind: What’s the most creative class in all of the MMO genre?

I have long held that Wakfu offers the most original and indeed truly unique classes across the entire span of the MMO genre, but...

Desert Oasis: Taking a swing with Black Desert’s Tamer and her bō staff

When I first started playing Black Desert, it was because I wanted to play a Dark Knight. From her animations, armors, and that sweet...
Why fix issues when we could double down?

The Lahn arrives in Black Desert Mobile’s Korean edition

The mobile version of Black Desert Online, appropriately dubbed Black Desert Mobile so you know exactly what you're getting, is not quite up to...
Well, we've got an idea.

Into the Super-verse: A quick-and-dirty guide to picking the right City of Heroes archetype – Blueside edition

What's amazing about the unexpected City of Heroes revival (and does that ever feel good to type) isn't just that old players are eager to go...

The Daily Grind: Which MMO has the most creative array of classes?

If I log into one more MMO that I'm trying to see the class selection limited to "Fighter, Mage, Thief, and Priest," I might...
She stab.

Ascent: Infinite Realm teases class elements and all four races

Finding out more about Ascent: Infinite Realm can be very feast or famine, but perhaps your appetite will be whetted at the prospect of some...
Vendi ad me frat

Final Fantasy XIV launches Blue Mage into the spotlight today

It's time to say the words that everyone in a party wants to hear in Final Fantasy XIV: "Don't kill this guy yet, wait for...
Well, that sounds fun.

Anthem shows off the gameplay of its speedy Javelin, the Interceptor

Each of Anthem's four Javelins is meant to support a different playstyle, and the Interceptor is for those who feel the need... the need for references to...

Blade & Soul developers share some information about the game’s next class

If you're eagerly looking forward to the name or footage of the next class planned for Blade & Soul... well, we hate to deflate your...

The Archer has arrived in Kritika Online

Crashing through the sky comes a fearful cry! It's a hawk's cry, specifically. Followed shortly by an actual hawk in someone's face, followed shortly...

MapleStory M releases the new Aran class and Pink Bean encounter

While most of the focus lately has been on the desktop sequel, MapleStory M is continuing to hum along with a brand-new content update. This...

Aion South Korea’s new Graffiti Artist class will paint the town red (and every other color too)

The South Korean version of Aion is getting a new splash of color courtesy of its recently revealed Graffiti Artist class. As MMO Culture...

Black Desert Online will show off new Archer class, Drieghan expansion at TwitchCon 2018

The folks at Pearl Abyss and Kakao Games have announced their plans for TwitchCon 2018, where they'll be showing off the upcoming Archer class...
Oh, thanks.

MapleStory 2 prepares for its upcoming launch with a new class and a new area

MapleStory 2 has launched its headstart, but it hasn't actually launched yet. And unlike many games, it intends to make its actual launch a...
What will we do?

There’s a new class coming to Lord of the Rings Online, but what will it be?

There's a new class on its way to Lord of the Rings Online according to one of the weekly streams from Standing Stone Games....