Fallout 1st subscribers have formed a clan of aristocrats to perpetrate Fallout 76 class warfare

(Stupid) war never changes


Whether the reports of Fallout 1st players being harassed in Fallout 76 are highly fabricated or not, a large cluster of Fallout 1st subscribers have taken the narrative idea of being villains and run with it, forming a literal aristocracy to lord over those who don’t pay the private server subscription plan.

Reporting from Polygon offers a closer look at the Apocalyptic Aristocracy, a clan of nearly 300 Fallout 1st players who have leaned hard into the idea of class warfare that may or may not be happening within Fallout 76. According to founder VectorZarak, the Aristocracy also works as a “safe haven” where 1st subscribers can openly talk about the subscription without fear of reprisal.

“Nothing seems to bring people together like shared suffering, and the past week has seen a lot of venom spewed toward Fallout 1st members. I want to give players a place to go where they can peacefully discuss and plan with others who use the private servers.”

Of course, there are a wide number of players among the Aristocracy who gleefully take the idea of talking down to “peasants” and run with it. When asked about why members joined the guild, several players offered shitpost-level replies.

“We joined because we’re better than everyone else,” replied Terry Mollinet, who later replied that he was simply joking.

“I really enjoy getting under someone’s skin and then at the end hitting them with the good old, ‘learn to laugh, it’s just a joke and only a game’ to later double down on my trolling,” said Jeremy Singer.

“I joined to whip ass and chew on peasants, and I’m all outta peasants,” said player Shibby Hocker.

“We are simply classier and wealthier than the common rabble! Why sully yourself on a public server when you can hoard legendaries for yourself and sell them for a massive profit to the less fortunate!” responds player Donald Meeks.

The Polygon article contends that most of the Aristocracy appears to be above board and genuinely seeking respite from the manufactured class war, though one does have to wonder if openly talking down to those who aren’t 1st subscribers isn’t going to go over terribly well.

source: Polygon
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