EVE Online will officially arrive to Korea on November 14


Remember back in April when CCP Games CEO Hilmar Petersson said that the Korean and Chinese playerbase of EVE Online was due to expand significantly thanks to Pearl Abyss’ acquisition? That expansion now has a release date as the internet spaceship sandbox will officially release in Korea on Thursday, November 14th.

The announcement touts new Korean localization for the game, granting players from the region easier and more legible access to features like The Agency content finder, in-game A.I. guide, the player market, ship fitting, and skill training among other needed functions.

EVE Online will be at this year’s G-Star event, which will feature a presentation from Petersson and several other devs as well as some promised hands-on time with features not normally available to new capsuleers. Those who participate in these activities at G-Star can also earn some exclusive SKINs designed specifically for the Korean launch.

In other EVE Online news, the game’s October economic report is out, which appears to be raising some grumbles from armchair economists within the community. There’s also a video from lead data scientist CCP Larrikin, the creator of this very same economic report, which offers a deep dive into the economy and data of the game. We’ve embedded that below if 40+ minutes of MMO fiscal talk is your cup of tea.

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