The Fallout 76 community is storming over the Fallout 1st sub


Yesterday’s announcement that Fallout 76 is getting a “Fallout 1st” subscription plan that locks private world ownership behind a paywall and grants very Elder Scrolls Online-like benies like crafting storage and a cash-shop stipend has… not gone over well.

People are mad because of the perception that Wastelanders got delayed so that this monetization scheme could be implemented. People are accusing Bethsoft of being “not only idiots but liars” and wondering whether all of this is just an early April Fools’ Day joke. People have asked for a year of free sub for putting up with the game through its late 2018 and 2019 travails. Still others wonder why Bethsoft isn’t doing any damage control for this dumpster fire. My favorite thread, with 12K ups, offers the understatement of the year with its innocent assertion that “A Subscription Service for a game like this is BOLD!

Apparently one disgruntled player even registered the domain and used it to host a profanity-laden parody of Bethesda’s announcement, though the heavy traffic has brought it to its knees now. (You can still see it in archive format, though.)

Adding insult to injury? Folks who went ahead and subbed anyway (why though?!) have figured out that the sub-only scrapbox – that’s the unlimited crafting storage – is actually bugged on private servers and eating the items you put inside them.

Apparently we’re just not allowed to have a fall without a Fallout 76 fiasco anymore.

Source: Reddit, via VG247. Thanks, Danny!

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2 years ago

I have so little faith in the next Elder Scrolls game… ESO has introduced ‘convenience’ into it’s store (research timers, consumables, riding lessons, …), FO76 continues to baffle us with it’s questionable business model, the mobile game is just a ploy, …

Companies will obviously go wherever the money is, they have no morals nor do they have principles. They simply follow the market. So what does that say about us, gamers? Isn’ it a bit too easy to point fingers at ‘evil corporations’?

Who among us plays this game? Who among us has bought the consumables in ESO’s store? Who has paid for gems in the mobile game to speed up the chest timers?

We brought this on ourselves.

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2 years ago
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Yep, pretty much this!

So many people completely miss the point, corporations have a legal obligation to make (or attempt to make) a profit for their shareholders… these moves were always inevitable once gaming started requiring huge corporate budgets to finance… and let’s not forget, the price of a boxed (console) game has been pretty constant for decades…

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2 years ago
Reply to  Cypher

Not disagreeing with you, but just want to point out that Bethesda is a private company without public shareholders.

Lord Klaus(@lord_klaus)
2 years ago

HAHAHAH Bethesda and the wrong way to do things.Sincerely hope all the bad for them :D

2 years ago

Here I was hoping that after the NPC update launched ’76 would be worth checking out. But, after the $100 sub…no.

2 years ago

I feel like at this point if you’ve chosen to keep doing business/play a product with such a troubled history at this point you’ve kinda lost the right to be outraged or be upset when things keep going wrong. You knew what you signed up for. You know what’s going to happen if you keep playing. This isn’t their first issue. It won’t be their last.

2 years ago

I’m waiting for the meme video where someone takes that (apparently out of context) clip of Todd saying “There you go. Pay us.” And splicing that with screenshots of everything in the Atom Shop (with the prices converted from Atoms into the real money it would cost if they weren’t using Atoms as an abstraction layer) rising through the prices until they get to the $25 suits of power armor and then hitting a crescendo with the $100 yearly sub. All set to “Country Homes,” of course.

2 years ago

We got to sell those color TV’s

Look at them yo-yo’s
Money for Nothing-

2 years ago
Reply to  Alyn

Lol! “I want my MTV.”

2 years ago
Reply to  Alyn

And that mind-blowing CGI!

Kickstarter Donor
2 years ago

Pretty hilarious, I uninstalled 76 couple weeks ago anyway, not really very hyped for the next Elder Scrolls at this point.

2 years ago

A lot of the defenders are asking the haters to chill, but Bethesda is selling the fridges at premium price.

Mick the Barbarian(@lichbane)
2 years ago

My response is pretty simple. I’ve uninstalled FO76 and ESO as well as cancelling my ESO sub. I’ve waited a long time for private servers and they found away to monetise something I have the infrastructure to run myself (which is what I expected we’d to be able to do).

Danny Smith(@dope_danny)
2 years ago
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Jack Pipsam(@markdavaus)
2 years ago
Reply to  Danny Smith

I also enjoyed Jason Schreier pointing out that Xbox Game Pass (which Outer Worlds launches in) for an entire year is actually cheaper than the Fallout 76 sub for a year by itself.

Danny Smith(@dope_danny)
2 years ago
Reply to  Jack Pipsam

Even Anthem hasn’t had other devs shit on Bioware like this. Thats how much Bethesdas tanked their rep.