Lord of the Rings Online informal player survey highlights the least and most popular classes


If you’ve ever wondered which class is the most popular in Lord of the Rings Online, Squirle over at LOTRO Players has your back. By compiling a lot of observable data from the European server Evernight, Squirle managed to come up with a possible picture of how LOTRO’s playerbase is spread out.

Unsurprisingly, both Hunters and Champions are the most-played classes with a combined total of 45% of all characters when this data sample was taken. Rune-keepers and Lore-masters were seen out in significant numbers during the pre-endgame leveling process while Beornings, Burglars, and Wardens were vastly underrepresented.

The informal survey also looked at how many players were in each level bracket. What’s notable here is that a majority (64.4%) of players were still leveling to the cap while only 35.6% were at level 130.

“While there might be more conclusion to be drawn all these numbers are from one server over one week of LOTRO,” the author said. “[It] might be interesting to see how these change over time. Details such as how many of the 130s are in a raid would be needed to support claims that Guardians really bad at the moment.”

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