Corepunk’s class options expand to include the Mercenary, Pain Reaper, and Warmonger

These cores require additional punks.

Have you settled on a class to play when Corepunk’s beta arrives? You may want to reserve judgment until you read the full reveal on the Mercenary, because this class may be perfect for the snipers and gadgeteers out there. The Merc can specialize as a Sniper, Berserker, or Engineer, but any way you go is a recipe for punishment.

Alternatively, there were two additional class reveals that the studio posted over the late 2020 holiday season that are viable options. The Pain Reaper flings curses about and can branch into a Pyromancer, Soul Eater, or Warlock, while the tanky Warmonger can be a Legionary, Commando, or Shaman when it grows up.

In late February, the team gave an update on one of Corepunk’s race reveals: “Dwarf is almost ready, we’re at the finish line. But since our focus is mostly on the CBT, we will post the information about Dwarf a little bit later. We will share the post with you soon.”

A closed beta is presumably still scheduled for this spring.

Source: Corepunk
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