Corepunk hopes to have early access launched by the end of winter

Momentum is building for Corepunk this season. The long-in-the-coming cyberpunk MMOARPG ran through two limited-scope tests earlier this fall and is gearing up for...

‘We never intended to create a hardcore game’: Corepunk devs recap playtest

Corepunk already shared some initial player feedback from its second playtest - "challenging and punishing" was used a fair bit - but now developer...

Corepunk shares player feedback from its playtest: ‘Challenging and punishing’

Overshadowed by a pretty busy news weekend was the fact that genre hybrid MMO Corepunk ran its second weekend playtest with a little over...

Corepunk plans for its next test phase starting November 4

Good news, Corepunk fans: The game's next phase will be starting pretty soon on November 4th and will have significantly more people involved in...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 439: The upcoming MMO show

Justin and Bree discuss a range of upcoming MMOs - Wagadu Chronicles, Corepunk, Eternal Tombs, BitCraft, Ashes of Creation, and Tarisland - plus a mailbag topic on Wayfinder.

Corepunk’s tiny September alpha test leads to changes for immersion, solo gameplay, and questing

We had a bit of a laugh over Corepunk's 21-person September alpha test on this week's MOP Podcast, but a test is a test, and...
How punk.

Betawatch: Corepunk has begun testing, but you aren’t invited – yet

So we've been waiting a long time for Corepunk to start testing. The good news is that it finally has done so, but considering...

Corepunk is running a tiny preview test this weekend with several more planned ahead of December early access

It's been a long couple of years of waiting - and five delays, several of them due quite literally to the invasion of Ukraine...

Betawatch: Palia gets its first content patch – and plenty of bugs

Palia is finally open to everyone, which feels like it took a while but hasn't really been all that long. Just the same, that...

Corepunk will finally open testing in September: ‘The most interesting exchanges are about to start’

When last we checked in on Corepunk, we noted that the MMORPG had been delayed at least five times, owing heavily to the fact...

The Daily Grind: What are your top three most anticipated MMOs?

Blue Protocol. Throne and Liberty. Wayfinder. Ashes of Creation. Pantheon. Star Citizen. Palia. Ship of Heroes. Corepunk. Soulframe. Dune Awakening. Nightingale. Tarisland. I could keep...

Massively Overthinking: Are we in an ‘MMO hype vacuum’?

James "MMO Folklorist" Crosby recently penned a piece using a term that seems so apt I feel we should all adopt it: the MMO...

Corepunk says beta delay is due to unfinished optimization, but it’s making progress with bots

Corepunk is back in the news today with its May developer update, and with everything this game's been through - including the evacuation of...

Corepunk devs answer 20 questions about NPC swearing, lack of item durability, and more

Artificial Core's top-down fantasy/sci-fi hybrid emerged this week to follow up on the lengthy profession (and gameplay) video that the studio put out last...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 410: Cyberpunk meets gaslamp

Justin and Bree discuss Corepunk, Diablo IV, Palia, Nightingale, Blizzard, NCsoft, Pearl Abyss, and EG7/Daybreak, with adventures in LOTRO, Guild Wars 2, Elder Scrolls Online, and SWG Legends.
How punk.

Betawatch: Corepunk previews crafting and gathering

Aw yeah, we're into the crafting and gathering previews for Corepunk. That's when you know the game is going somewhere, folks. Showing you a...

Corepunk posts an hour of gameplay footage that focuses on gathering and crafting professions

This past December, we heard fresh word out of Corepunk that was generally a combination of good news and bad news: The game's beta...

Massively Overthinking: Hopes and fears for MMOs in 2023

As 2022 drew to a close, we spent our Massively Overthinking roundtables discussing our predictions for 2023 as well as our goals. Now, we're...

Corepunk has suffered yet another delay but says beta is finally ‘close’

Despite previous promises that it would have a closed beta test running by the end of 2022, Corepunk and its team announced that it's...

Massively Overthinking: Our MMO predictions for 2023

Nobody can see the future, but it sure is fun guessing, and that's exactly what we're going to do for (to?) the MMO genre...