Massively OP Podcast Episode 288: ArcheAge again

Justin, Bree, and Mia discuss ArcheAge 2, TERA, LOTRO, Wizard101, Corepunk, Raph Koster's new MMO, and Star Citizen, with adventures in WoW Classic, SWTOR, Black Desert, Echo of Soul, SWG Legends, and LOTRO, plus a mailbag discussion on the Final Fantasy XI mobile remake.

Corepunk is aiming for a ‘WoW Classic difficulty level,’ with housing and farming in the works

With closed beta on the way for this December, Corepunk is generating some degree of interest among cyberpunk MMO fans. To feed...
Wait, where's my axe?! COME ON

Betawatch: New World promises lots of content in its November test

People seem to have generally been rather pleased with the New World preview event this month, huh? It's winding down today, but the promise...

Corepunk plans December closed beta, talks questing and character customization

We've had our eye on upcoming Unity-based MMORPG Corepunk since its original announcement by Dutch studio Artificial Core back in December, and in...
All right, here we go.

Betawatch: Torchlight III hits early access and early access hits back

So Torchlight III gave everyone a big surprise when it jumped into early access! It was, unfortunately, not the good kind of surprise....

Corepunk embraces being a ‘traditional MMORPG’, shows off alpha gameplay

Last December, Corepunk blasted onto the MMO scene - and into our top list of MMOs to watch this year -...

Corepunk talks about monster camps and delays its next gameplay video debut

The more I think about it, the more I realize that the heroes of MMOs can be the rudest people imaginable. Consider the poor...

Corepunk’s quarterly update removes gender locks, talks business model and masteries

Corepunk, the isometric MMORPG from Dutch developer Artificial Core, has shared its quarterly progress report, which has confirmed the removal of gender-locked...

Upcoming MMORPG Corepunk highlights its world and races in new artwork

Back in December, we got a peek at a new Unity MMORPG from Dutch studio Artificial Core called Corepunk. Even newly...

Perfect Ten: Upcoming MMOs to watch in 2020

There is a great feeling of flipping a calendar over to a fresh year, isn't there? All that promise and potential spread out in...

Corepunk addresses game speed concerns and thanks content creators for their positive feedback

The upcoming MMORPG Corepunk has been busy in front of the camera over the past couple of weeks. On December 24th and 29th,...
I didn't say zorp.

Massively OP Podcast Episode 251: New World, Magic Legends, and Corepunk

Bree and Justin discuss PlanetSide Arena, New World, Magic Legends, Elder Scrolls Online, Corepunk, Black Desert Mobile, EVE Echoes, WoW, FFXIV, LOTRO, City of Heroes, and SWGL.

Corepunk is a new top-down Dutch game with all the MMORPG trappings

Who wanted a new MMORPG for Christmas? Well, Corepunk isn't getting here in time for this Christmas, but it's now been officially announced...