Corepunk wraps up its 50,000 player alpha 3 test: ‘Better than the last one’


The third major alpha for Corepunk is officially history, as Artificial Core wrapped up the test and thanked players for their help in identifying bugs and pain points.

“We gathered a lot of data, and we now know what to focus on for our next iterations,” the studio said. “We hosted our first test for just 21 players outside our studio, the second for around 100 players, Alpha 1 for 2,000 players, Alpha 2 for 15,000, and Alpha 3 hosted 50,000 players. This test had a lot of issues, but overall it went better than the last one with many more players.”

A “more extended report” from the Alpha 3 test was promised in the coming days. Of course, our excellent Stream Team was on the ground in the game during this test, so if you want an early look at Corepunk, feast your ocular spheres on this:

Source: Discord
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