Wayfinder promises it’s working on releasing the Echoes update to PlayStation fans


Airship Syndicate stated its intention to bring Wayfinder’s game-changing Echoes update to PlayStation this summer. With the calendar sliding into mid-July, those fans might be wondering where the update is, which brings us to a progress report from the studio about the matter.

“Sony’s transfer of service to Airship Syndicate is still ongoing,” the announcement opens. “While we do not have updates on the timeframe, we wanted to reassure players that our team is hard at work on both the console and PC releases.”

As for next steps, Airship Syndicate says that once the process of transferring service is complete, it will submit the Echoes patch for testing, followed by console certification, then release. The devs promise to keep players in the loop about where they are in this whole order of required events, but until then the summer time frame still holds.

source: Twitter
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