Nightingale offers a look into the design and lore of its nomadic Sun Giants

Last month Inflexion Games admitted that the next big update to Nightingale would take quite some time to arrive. So how is it going...

Wayfinder promises it’s working on releasing the Echoes update to PlayStation fans

Airship Syndicate stated its intention to bring Wayfinder's game-changing Echoes update to PlayStation this summer. With the calendar sliding into mid-July, those fans might...

Escape from Tarkov adds offline single-player and offers currency for reporting cheaters

Sure, you can try to fight cheaters in online games with technology, but that just ends up turning into an arms race. One of...

Puzzle-filled MMO Islands of Insight will get its offline mode July 9

This past May we got word about another previously always online title getting an offline mode: Islands of Insight, the self-described "shared world puzzle...

‘Single-player MMORPG’ Erenshor adds cloud saves, improved friendly AI, and Steam Deck support to its demo

Near the middle of last year we started reporting on Erenshor, a game that attempts to recreate the experience of playing a classic MMORPG...

The Stream Team: The further adventures of a very big powerful lady in Wayfinder

MOP's Chris is coming back to Wayfinder for one very big reason: Senja, the gladiatrix who gets stronger by flexing at enemies and then...

Wayfinder returns to Steam today with buy-to-play Echoes update and slick new animated feature

Airship Syndicate is putting forth all of the stops to call attention to the return of Wayfinder, as the action RPG has now shifted...

Progress Bar: Wayfinder is in a much better place as an offline game

Normally we're the sort of gamers who advocate for more MMOs and multiplayer games, not less. We're also all about games being preserved. Therein...

The Stream Team: A quick run through the Wayfinder Echoes update

Usually we're not in the business of highlighting single-player offline gaming here at OPTV, but for today's stream we're making an exception because Wayfinder...

MMO Burnout: Cozy Caravan brings an incomplete yet instantly charming chore-filled break

One of my dream jobs in sandbox MMORPGs is to run logistics. Whether it's flying space trucks around or steering a caravan, delivering goods...

Wayfinder’s Echoes update goes live for founders today as the game gets Steam Deck verified

If you were among those who bought into the promise of Wayfinder back when it was still angling to be a fully multiplayer experience,...
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Current Wayfinder owners can beta test the big Echoes revamp right now

Yesterday afternoon saw Wayfinder developer Airship Syndicate hold a special livestream (on Twitter of all places) to talk up its upcoming Echoes update. That...

Nightingale outlines the benefits and limitations of today’s offline mode release

The primarily multiplayer survival sandbox that is Nightingale is now becoming an optional solo act, as today sees the game introduce its single-player offline...

Redfall’s final update brings offline mode and revamps neighborhood and nest mechanics

With news that Microsoft is abandoning Redfall (after claims from the megacorp that it wouldn't be doing that), the latest announcement from developer Arkane...

Stardew Valley adds new festivals, a new farm, a mastery system, and eight-person multiplayer in 1.6 update

The single-player/multiplayer life sim RPG darling Stardew Valley has received one of its rare but absolutely loaded content updates, touching pretty much every aspect...

Action MMORPG Vindictus unveils a standalone single-player action RPG Vindictus Defying Fate

Are you a fan of Vindictus enough that you'd be willing to play a standalone single-player title cut from the MMO's cloth? Then you're...

Genshin Impact brings a new character and potion shop management in March 13 update

The spring season brings a lot of things - flowers, rain, allergies for some folks - but we're not sure managing an alchemical potion...

Splatoon 3 launches a single-player roguelike tower March 22, readies multiplayer Fresh Season March 1

One of the big parts of Splatoon 3's visual presentation is the use of bright, bold colors in terms of character customization and its...

Choose My Adventure: Genshin Impact is a perfectly lovely single-player RPG

Before I begin, I want to point out that I promise I didn't write that headline just to get anger clicks. I don't want...

Choose My Adventure: Returning to Genshin Impact in 2024

I'm irritated to admit that this week's edition of Choose My Adventure was more like a misadventure thanks to technical issues, to my surprise,...