The Soapbox: Single-player open worlds will never equal those of MMORPGs

These days it seems like sprawling open worlds are becoming an ever more popular choice for single-player games, from the newer Assassin's Creed titles...

Not So Massively: The dos and don’ts of stealing from single-player games

In my last Not So Massively column, I looked at the right and wrong ways for other genres to steal from MMOs. But in...

MMO Burnout: We Happy Few is a single-player virtual world

After having it on my radar for many years, I've finally gotten around to playing indie stealth/survival game We Happy Few. It's a good...

Not So Massively: Meet the new Torchlight, same as the old Torchlight

Last week brought the bombshell announcement that the MMOARPG Torchlight: Frontiers has been rebooted as simply Torchlight III, a more traditional ARPG with single-player...

The Stream Team: Sneaking into Subnautica

If there was ever a survival sandbox to launch that Massively OP's MJ wished had multiplayer, it's Subnautica. She's heard so much about the...

‘Single-player MMO’ Tanzia coming to early access this month

Cast your mind back to February, during which we introduced you to a single-player RPG called Tanzia that was structured eerily similar to an...

Tanzia gives you the MMO experience without the ‘MMO’

Have you ever played an offline RPG and thought that you might like it more if it had the same interface and mechanics of...

Mech_Con 2016: Piranha Games announces MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries

Just before the final round of the MechWarrior Online 2016 World Championship last night, Piranha Games president Russ Bullock dropped a bombshell, announcing that...
So it's Progress Quest without the self-awareness and with a price tag, then.

Pocket Guild offers pocket-sized MMORPG action without the first three letters

If you're fond of MMORPGs and you have an Android device, Pocket Guild is hoping you'll give it a go. It's everything you could...

The Daily Grind: How can MMORPGs capitalize on the success of single-player sandboxes?

Yesterday, Wired published an intriguing editorial that argued "open worlds are changing how we play videogames." Author Jake Muncy is talking about single-player games,...

Cibele looks at falling in love in MMOs

Last week we asked you if you had ever been in a relationship with someone that you met through an MMO. This apparently was...
Maybe that's the horrible, fundamental blade that sits at the heart of every nudge forward. That if you're forced to really ask yourself for honesty, you realize that love is just a word you use to justify doing hard work for someone who never thanks you in a way you find meaningful or satisfying.

The Park is not single-player The Secret World, but it might be even better

Let's just put our cards on the table: The Park is not the single-player offering that The Secret World fans have been clamoring for...
You seem trustworthy.

Funcom explains The Park in a new video

Players of The Secret World already know the history of the eponymous amusement park in The Park, but there's a world of difference between...
Maybe this one will stick to the wall.

Funcom releases second quarter financials and announces The Park

We could quote a lot of numbers from Funcom's second quarter financial report, but let's be honest here: They're just confirming what we already...
No top guns here.

Co-op will be limited in Star Citizen’s Squadron 42 [Updated]

Do you love debating over semantics and unstated intent? Because you're going to have a field day with this one. The original Kickstarter page...
The power of price compels you, or something.

Elder Scrolls Online console newbie? Bethsoft’s got a guide for you

So, how do you transition from playing Skyrim to The Elder Scrolls Online? Well, first you log on, which can be a bit of...