‘Single-player MMORPG’ Erenshor adds cloud saves, improved friendly AI, and Steam Deck support to its demo


Near the middle of last year we started reporting on Erenshor, a game that attempts to recreate the experience of playing a classic MMORPG in a single-player offline environment. We took a quick look on OPTV, called it one of those games that helps scratch that progression grind itch, and followed along as its free demo got some updates.

It looks as if that demo is updating again, and this time the changes are more under-the-hood, as fans can now run the demo on the Steam Deck handheld. Parallel to this feature is in-development support for gamepads, additional accessibility buttons for the UI, tutorial tips that take into account the use of a gamepad or Steam Deck’s buttons, and Steam cloud save functionality.

Developer Brian Burgee lauds this addition as another way to give those without too much time to devote to a “real” MMORPG another way to experience the genre they love on their terms. “Getting the game up and running on the Steam Deck was always one of the most important ways to do that and I’m happy to say that’s now a reality,” he says in a statement. “Not only do you not have to schedule your playtime around guild raids and friend availability, now you don’t even have to be at your desk.”

In addition to Steam Deck support, the latest patch to the demo has made several updates to SimPlayers to help them walk through maps more easily and function better in group content, along with a small list of quality-of-life changes. And again, these are updates to the demo version; the full game itself is projected to release sometime in 2024.

sources: press release, Steam
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