Single-player MMO-inspired Erenshor launches a F2P demo today on Steam


Over the course of the summer, we’ve been keeping an eye on Erenshor, largely out of curiosity. That’s because the game isn’t an MMO or even a multiplayer title; instead, it’s a serious effort to port MMORPG gameplay types and tropes into a single-player experience. And as of today, the game’s demo is out on Steam, meaning everyone can go check it out – or more specifically, go check out the first couple of hours of gameplay – for free.

“This early alpha demo promises between 2-5 hours of content that unravels the story of Stowaway’s Step. The ports of Erenshor have been closed due to unrest and thus, all travelers are being redirected to a small island called Stowaway’s Step. Stowaway’s Step holds secrets of its own, and the keen adventurers will surely find their own way. Explore the island, meet its citizens, and try to find your way to the mainland where true adventure awaits those brave enough to seek it. The demo will include 4 classes to choose from, multiple quests, a world boss, and a dungeon that can be conquered solo or alongside fellow adventurers in a group with simulated players. Human players will be able to interact with the game’s simulated players on a basic level. You can see their banter in chat, trade with them, gift them equipment to make them stronger, and even invite them to groups to quest or dungeon with. In the future, there will be 10+ man raids, guilds to create or join, and even more interactions with the simulated players.”

Indie studio Burgee Media cautions would-be players that the demo is a “very early” build but expects it to “provide players with an idea of what [the team is] trying to do with [the] game.” We anticipate giving the demo a whirl ourselves, so stay tuned for an upcoming Stream Team play-through.

Source: Press release, Steam
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