Current Wayfinder owners can beta test the big Echoes revamp right now

Who are you? Why are you here? What is this about?

Yesterday afternoon saw Wayfinder developer Airship Syndicate hold a special livestream (on Twitter of all places) to talk up its upcoming Echoes update. That livestream came with a bit of a surprise attached to it: Current owners of the early access game can try out this update in a beta branch right now.

The instructions on how to get in are pretty simple: Navigate to the game on Steam, right-click on it, go to the properties section, and then in betas enter the private beta code returnofthereaverking. Once the code is checked, it’s a matter of clicking the “opt into unstable” button that appears and you’re all set.

Executive producer AJ LaSaracina stressed during the stream that this is an honest and actual beta, not an early access release or a demo that will carry progress over, and that the devs are looking for critical bugs as opposed to general gameplay feedback. As for the length of the test, that runs between now and “Tuesday at some date that I don’t think we’ve figured out,” according to LaSaracina.

As for the stream itself, it provides a look at some of the changes Echoes will be bringing to currencies, cosmetics, co-op party size, the new character Grendel, and character progression, as well as future plans like bigger housing. Interested fans are encouraged to check out these instructions for more details on this beta test.

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