Corepunk is on day three of trying to get its big alpha test off the ground


Third time’s a charm for Corepunk? Artificial Core’s top-down MMORPG has struggled through its latest round of alpha, which was originally meant to include 10,000 player testers and kick off last weekend. The studio had to take it all down for a do-over, which was meant to run yesterday with all new keys dispatched and 15,000 players. That didn’t go to plan either, as late last night, the team postponed the test and set it for today, without making any promises about when.

As of this afternoon’s Discord memo, however, we know the studio is launching yet another test, running today at 2:30 p.m. EDT (i.e., when this post goes live) through June 4th – another extension of the end date. Unfortunately, it’s going to mean a third dispatch of keys as well as a new launcher download and a new account.

Source: Discord
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