MMO Week in Review: How to help Project Gorgon and its devs


This week in MMO land, we covered distressing news: Eric Heimburg and Sandra Powers, the husband-and-wife duo behind beloved indie MMO Project Gorgon, admitted that medical travails (Powers is fighting cancer) and associated money troubles were forcing the game into a low-development era. If you’re considering helping Elder Game and Gorgon, they do have a donation page and shop; in fact, players have been figuring out ways to shower them with money all weekend. The MMO’s Discord has been chronicling some of the massive donations (which, we need to point out, the Heimburgs were not actively soliciting) as the players are partying in game. I’m not crying, you’re crying.

We’re rooting for both the game and the Heimburg/Powers family!

Meanwhile, the MMO news just kept coming: Guild Wars 2 launched Through the Veil, Lord of the Rings Online released Corsairs of Umbar, World of Warcraft dropped Guardians of the Dream, and New World announced Eternal Frost, plus Wayfinder was cut loose from Digital Extremes and the Overwatch League appears dead in the water.

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