Pax Dei announces ‘Home Valley’ alpha for next week, focusing on player housing


During its stream this afternoon, Mainframe Industries announced that it’s kicking off the “first large-scale” alpha for sandbox MMORPG Pax Dei. It’s set to launch on November 14th and run through the 27th, and the devs are calling it Home Valley on account of the fact that it’ll focus on “peaceful gameplay” – specifically, the game’s housing system.

“The ability for each player to claim a plot in a shared world and make it their own is, we think, pretty unique in an MMO setting and very cool,” the developers write. (It’s obviously not unique as in fact many MMOs offer open-world housing, but it’s certainly cool.) That’ll entail a map with four provinces for house planting, resource gathering, home construction, guild organization, and a “first taste of adventure” in the form on enemies, camps, caves, and dungeons. However, the devs stress that PvP is disabled and the game’s combat is still a word in progress, so don’t be expecting too much there. If you’ve been following the videos of the game so far, you’re probably not surprised by this focus.

It’s still possible to sign up for the alpha on the official site in the next few days – just know that there’s no guaranteed way in. Mainframe’s FAQ on the alpha suggests it’s looking for a “wide range of machines and graphic cards,” geographical origins, and players with and without pre-existing friend groups.

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