mmo roundup

MMO Week in Review: Lord of the Putting Those Plans On Hold For Now Online

Standing Stone Games floated - and then withdrew - yet another set of controversial changes for Lord of the Rings Online this week, this...

MMO Week in Review: Boaty McBoatface does Tamriel

Elder Scrolls Online appears to be joining forces with Guild Wars 2 to make 2022 the year of boats in MMOs, as the former...
Slash and asplode.

MMO Week in Review: Welcome to 2022, MMO gamers

The final week of 2021 didn't really slow down at all, and the new year was kicked off by the collective industry groan at...

MMO Week in Review: Daybreak’s Magic (The Gathering), PWE’s new owner

The week before Christmas certainly didn't slow down in MMO land: PWE and Cryptic got bought out by Embracer and slotted under Gearbox along...

MMO Week in Review: Crowfall’s sale, Fractured’s Gamigo ties, and FFXIV’s sales halt

It's the week before Christmas, so you know what that means: a whole bunch of weird stuff happening to mess up our carefully plotted...

MMO Week in Review: Delay of the Sith

This week, BioWare disappointed a whole bunch of folks, including us since we were hoping to give it an award this month, by delaying...
Big slice.

MMO Week in Review: Endwalker, ArcheAge, and turtle power

It was a helluva week here in the MMO genre, and it wasn't just because Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker finally hit early access and...

MMO Week in Review: Daybreak’s Marvel MMORPG, Gamigo’s RIFT promise

You might have thought a holiday week would be quiet, but this one definitely was not - in fact, it was only this past...

MMO Week in Review: ArcheAge’s new home and Actiblizz’s disgrace

I'm afraid this week was once again dominated by the dumpster fire still burning over at Activision-Blizzard HQ, as fresh accusations against Bobby Kotick...
It's fine.

MMO Week in Review: WoW joins the ‘End’ trend

World of Warcraft announced its 9.2.5 patch this week: Dubbed Eternity's End, it's a bit light on content doesn't have a timeframe yet, but...
Popcorn appropriately.

MMO Week in Review: Endwalker’s delay, Activision-Blizzard’s stock woes

You know it's a wild week when Elder Scrolls Online DLC gets pushed to the bottom: That's because Final Fantasy XIV delayed Endwalker another...

MMO Week in Review: Fallen Earth is baaaaaack

So this week could've been a dumpster fire, what with Blizzard flailing around trying to distract from the upcoming investor call and New World...

MMO Week in Review: Elyon arrives, WoW 9.1.5 is scheduled

Elyon finally rolled out to western players this week, and while it didn't melt the internet, it made a reasonably good splash, particularly since New...
Big slice.

MMO Week in Review: Everything Endwalker

This week, MOP's own Final Fantasy XIV expert Eliot Lefebvre got his hands on Endwalker as part of the massive media tour that wallopped...

MMO Week in Review: New World’s planned transfer system isn’t ideal

New World made it through its second week: It implemented detection for "bad-faith AFK players," it saw its queues come way down, and it...

MMO Week in Review: New World reaches 913K concurrent players and queuers

New World has dominated the MMORPG headlines - and really all gaming headlines - this week as Amazon's new AAA MMO finally launched around...
Because we are no longer friends.

MMO Week in Review: New World approaches, Blizzard faces the feds

This week in MMOs, the feds opened investigations into Activision-Blizzard, we tested out Guild Wars 2's second batch of End of Dragons elite specs,...
This was kind of neat, at least.

MMO Week in Review: Elder Scrolls, End of Dragons, and Endwalker

Guild Wars 2 continued its rollout of major End of Dragons reveals this past week, including three new elite specs as we head into...
You got boring real fast.

MMO Week in Review: Elyon’s delay, Crowfall’s layoffs, New World’s beta

We got a bit of bad news this week from two fledgling MMOs: Crowfall suffered a round of layoffs that the studio has attempted...

MMO Week in Review: Lost Ark’s delay, WoW’s carrot on a stick

This week, Lost Ark delayed its launch into next year, freeing up your MMO autumn for the likes of New World of Final Fantasy...