mmo roundup

MMO Week in Review: Cataclysm II

World of Warcraft has been rent asunder with Cataclysm - again - as this week the expansion cracked open WoW Classic. Meanwhile, we worried about...
Reveal to me your secrets! Please.

MMO Week in Review: Pandaria Remix, Loot Reborn, Wayfinder Echoes

What a hell of a week for the MMO genre! Good and bad, as it were. We got previews of FFXIV Dawntrail, Guild Wars 2's...

MMO Week in Review: V Rising, Legends of Aria, Corepunk, and WoW Dark Heart

We had a mediumly newsy week here in the massively multiplayer world: Wagadu Chronicles announced a shutdown mid-early access, Legends of Aria Classic properly...

MMO Week in Review: Back to playing Uncle Owen, this time in SWTOR

Star Wars The Old Republic timed the announcement for its next big thing perfectly for Star Wars Day: This week, the team revealed GU...

MMO Week in Review: The deaths of ArcheAge and BlizzCon 2024

This was definitely not my favorite week in MMO history: Not only did we get sunset announcements for both ArcheAge and Genfanad but Blizzard...
Lots of people, sure, why not.

MMO Week in Review: PlanetSide 2 departs Daybreak, WoW tests War Within

PlanetSide 2 is undergoing another round of upheaval this week as EG7-owned Daybreak announced that it's transferring development of the game over to EG7-owned...

MMO Week in Review: Blizzard returns to China, WoW makes a mix tape

Blizzard and NetEase finally confirmed long-running rumors that they're putting the band back together: The companies agreed this week to renew their partnership more...

MMO Week in Review: Season of the Guardian

New World finally limped its way to Season of the Guardian, which frustratingly launched with a long list of bugs - but also player acknowledgement...

MMO Week in Review: Awaiting Guild Wars 3, accounting World of Warcraft

If you were prescient enough to put Guild Wars 3 on your predictions post from last year, congratulations: an NCsoft exec defending another NCsoft...

MMO Week in Review: Dawntrail, Plunderstorm, and the Riot MMO

You gotta love weeks stuffed so full of MMORPG news that we can't even decide what to focus on! This week, Final Fantasy XIV...

MMO Week in Review: Scions of Ithelia, Building a Foundation

It was a week of big updates for the MMORPG genre, as Elder Scrolls Online released Scions of Ithelia and Star Wars The Old...

MMO Week in Review: Beta testing Cataclysm like it’s 2010

World of Warcraft Classic is on the edge of its next big thing: WoW Classic Cataclysm slipped into beta this week, and though we...

MMO Week in Review: Fippyfest’s fancy fifteen-hundred fee

How much would you pay to attend a fanfest for your favorite MMORPG? If you said $1500 plus airfare and accommodations on top, then...

MMO Week in Review: From Nightingale to Fippyfest

It was a weird but packed week for MMORPGs and not-so-massively titles: Gearbox announced it's bringing back fan-favorite Gigantic, Nightingale sailed into early access,...

MMO Week in Review: PlanetSide 2 up in the air

EG7-owned Daybreak Games, the company formerly known as SOE, admitted it's sold off the entire PlanetSide IP as of January; apparently, it was worth...

MMO Week in Review: Skull & Bones departs drydock

Skull & Bones finally drifted into its soft launch open beta after eleventy billion delays and do-overs, and... it's actually not terrible? And it's...

MMO Week in Review: Blizzard’s brand-new boss

Meet the new boss, same as the... well, actually we don't know how samey Johanna Faries is going to be just yet. She's replacing...

MMO Week in Review: The Activision-Blizzard and Riot layoffs

Two of the biggest gaming congloms chose this week to lay off a combined total of 2500 people, as Riot Games and Microsoft-owned-Activision-Blizzard shed...

MMO Week in Review: Elder Scrolls Online paves the way for Gold Road

Elder Scrolls Online fully unveiled its Gold Road chapter this week, letting players peek into the region, the city of Skingrad, and a tantalizing...

MMO Week in Review: MMO peregrinations with Pictomancers, phasers, and PSO2

Bad news, everyone: Some dude on Reddit says there's not enough MMORPG news, so you're imagining Star Trek Online announcing its 31st season, Vindictus...