mmo roundup

MMO Week in Review: Franchise revivals for EverQuest and EVE Online

It's been a big week for gaming thanks to Unity's self-owns and the UK's preliminary approval of the Activision-Blizzard buyout - and a big...

MMO Week in Review: More questions than answers for Unity and Gearbox

This week in MMOs was unfortunately dominated by the business end of gaming for two key reasons. First, Embracer, which is currently in the...

MMO Week in Review: Fury Inconspicuous

World of Warcraft launched its Fury Incarnate patch this week, so you might think the MMO world would be fixated on that, but Blizzard...

MMO Week in Review: Rise of the Angry Earth vs. River Hobbits

This edition of the MMO Week in Review is dedicated to that guy who got really mad at us a coupla years back when...
Crypts and bloods.

MMO Week in Review: SOTO and Soulframe

The week of Gamescom has been a wild one for the MMORPG genre: Guild Wars 2's Secrets of the Obscure opened its gates, World...

MMO Week in Review: Wayfinder through a viewfinder

Wayfinder found a way to launch into early access this week, though it's been a bit chaotic as servers struggled to keep up with...

MMO Week in Review: Throne & Liberty’s delay, Palia’s open beta

Throne & Liberty and Palia displayed both ends of the "delay" spectrum this week. NCsoft told investors it is delaying the western release of...

MMO Week in Review: Palia’s beta, Baldur’s Gate 3’s big launch

Multiplayer games rather than MMORPGs are capturing the gaming industry's heart this week as Baldur's Gate 3 exploded and Palia puttered into beta. Meanwhile, WoW...
But where are the Transformers?

MMO Week in Review: Dawntrail and Path of Exile 2

It's been a hell of a weekend for Final Fantasy XIV and Path of Exile fans thanks to Fanfest and ExileCon. CBU3 took the...
Yay, a thing we didn't want.

MMO Week in Review: Blizzard’s bountiful bungles

Blizzard had a rough week, lurching from messy story to story, all tucked neatly under the arc of the FTC appearing to finally give...

MMO Week in Review: $69 billion

The Microsoft buyout of Activision-Blizzard is likely to be inked early this week, thanks to a judge's decision not to block the duo from...

MMO Week in Review: Blood of the Sands

New World's second season, Blood of the Sands, officially kicked off this week - just as datamining of non-English tooltips appears to have outed...

MMO Week in Review: Private classified mysteries of the undisclosed esoteric enigma

Secrets of the Obscure is Guild Wars 2's next big expansion, ArenaNet announced this week, and it's dropping August 22nd - with a low...
I'm an excellent fighter.

MMO Week in Review: The foggy future of SWTOR

While Star Wars The Old Republic's move to Broadsword is a sure thing now, the future of the game still has players worried -...

MMO Week in Review: Reddit chaos, Viridian, and instant karma for M2M

If I were a conspiracy theory sort of human, I would certainly be watching the Reddit meltdown with great interest, as the CEO of...

MMO Week in Review: RIP SOLO, welcome Diablo IV

The MMO genre was dealt a nasty blow this week as Gameforge and Wangyuan Shengtang announced the impending western sunset of Swords of Legends...

MMO Week in Review: Ye Olde Classic WoW Token, Blue Protocol delayed

This week, Blizzard moved on from disappointing Overwatch 2 fans and switched over to disappointing both WoW Classic and WoW Retail fans, the former...

MMO Week in Review: Looks like Amazon LOTR MMO is back on the menu

A new MMO was born this week - or reborn, really - as Amazon announced its second attempt at a Lord of the Rings...

MMO Week in Review: Fractures in Time, lapses in judgment

World of Warcraft had an interesting week, as Blizzard announced some hefty changes in Retail's next patch and hardcore mode for WoW Classic, which...

MMO Week in Review: Reopening ‘Old Wounds’

The MMO genre saw multiple rollouts this week: World of Warcraft launched Embers of Neltharion, Eden Eternal relaunched, Guild Wars 2 dropped its balance...