MMO Week in Review: PlanetSide 2 departs Daybreak, WoW tests War Within

Lots of people, sure, why not.

PlanetSide 2 is undergoing another round of upheaval this week as EG7-owned Daybreak announced that it’s transferring development of the game over to EG7-owned Toadman, following news from earlier this year that the IP has been sold to a third party. It’s not entirely clear what’s happened to the Rogue Planet staff at Daybreak who’d been working on the game.

Meanwhile, World of Warcraft opened beta signups for The War Within, Life is Feudal is back, Guild Wars 2’s retro Super Adventure Box is live again, Legends of Aria is getting a revival, Elder Scrolls Online suffered a nasty rollback, and LOTRO is celebrating its 17th birthday.

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