Lord of the Rings Online patches up ahead of tomorrow’s hamster event I mean anniversary event


It looks as though Lord of the Rings Online is closing a small loophole that allowed players to fish out a legendary tracery by manipulating the instance settings. Today’s Update 39.2 changes the rules so that players wanting the best dungeon payouts are going to have to crank that level setting up to the max.

“Instances can no longer award legendary (gold) traceries unless the instance is set to a level cap, and also require players themselves to be at that level cap, or up to 3 levels below it, in order to receive legendary traceries,” said SSG. The patch continues to refine the new instance cluster and Beorning skills.

Lord of the Rings Online’s 17th anniversary — with its event and gifts — kicks off tomorrow on the 18th. In fact, SSG gave another preview of anniversary festivities this morning. Login rewards begin their arrival at 10 a.m. EDT tomorrow (April 18th), with fireworks, a new frame, and the Merrymaker title (or Killjoy, for monster players). Most of the new barter rewards are Green Dragon Inn themed; we spy a new hat, outfit, horse, war-steed gear, bar decor, and of course, the Merrymaking Hamster that everyone wants so badly.

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