Space exploration sandbox Starship Simulator successfully funds at over $497K


Getting to command, tinker, fix, explore, decorate, and control your own detailed virtual spaceship looks even more promising with the recent news that FleetYard Studios’ Starship Simulator successfully funded on Kickstarter. The campaign, which concluded this past Friday, raised $497,338 from 5,761 backers to help push it across the finish line.

Thanks to the project wildly overshooting its asking goal, the studio tacked on several promised stretch goals: native room-scale VR support, shuttles, alien structures, planetary landings, a tactical combat training scenario, and a standalone ship vs. ship game mode.

Starship Simulator describes itself as “an engaging space exploration sandbox, featuring a 1:1 scale galaxy and fully simulated starships.” You can check out a full overview of its features below:

Source: Kickstarter
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