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Prosperous Universe gets ready to jump to FTL

Faster-than-light travel may be an impossible dream of our time, but for the three-person crew piloting the Prosperous Universe development ship, it’s all but a reality. The small team announced that it is almost ready to introduce players to how the space sandbox will handle FTL travel and turn over the flight controls to testers to see how they handle it.

We expect mass casualties.

“When jumping into a destination star system, the ships will not arrive directly at the destination planet anymore,” the team explained. “Instead, they appear in a safe distance (0.5 astronomical units at the moment) of the planet and will have to do a short slower-than-light flight to the target.”

Other projects that the team is working on this week include notification alerts that will inform players when something important is happening with their in-game business and laying out a strategy for marketing.


Prosperous Universe wraps up first alpha test after 100 weeks of development

With nearly two years under the small indie team’s belt, Prosperous Universe successfully survived the launch and reentry of its first alpha test.

“We are still quite surprised by how well the overall system performed,” the team reported. “To be honest, we expected for things to fall apart rather quickly, with people discovering major game-breaking problems or blocking bugs that would keep players from accessing the game. Except for one such bug, everything went surprisingly smoothly, though […] This unexpected lack of major problems meant that people could actually play the game the way it was intended to.”

As the Prosperous Universe team prepares for another test in the future, there’s a lot to do in the here and now. The crew said that its members are busy incorporating feedback from the first alpha, redesigning the production interface, and improving the starter base building experience.

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The Stream Team: Scoping out Elite Dangerous on the PlayStation 4

It’s time to get dangerous. Elite Dangerous.

Er, with me. On YouTube. As a newbie. On a PlayStation 4. You know, this is already sounding pretty dodgy, guys. Expect a lot of self-destructs and technical difficulties as I jump into the cockpit, controller in hand, and try to get into a game I’ve mostly read about from the safety of the internet. We’ll be streaming this time on YouTube to suit PS4 play, so that’ll be fun to try!

What: Elite Dangerous
Who: Andrew Ross
When: 4:00 p.m. EDT on Wednesday, July 12th, 2017

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Space Legend soft launches on Apple mobile devices

Here’s a surprise entry into the mobile MMO market: Space Legend. Not to be confused with Spacetime’s Star Legends, this title is being made by Novarama as a streamlined and stylish space sim for mobile devices.

In Space Legend, players will build up fleets of ships out of 40 different designs and head out into the galaxy for trading, transport, research, and both PvP and PvE combat. The game promises over 200 planets to explore and a battle system that can be either experienced in manual or automatic modes.

Currently, Space Legend has soft launched on iOS devices in New Zealand and the Netherlands, with an eye to a larger global rollout at a later date. There was no mention of an Android version. We’ve got some screenshots and the trailer to help you evaluate this as a potential future app on your device.

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The Infinite Black plans jump from mobile to Steam

If you’ve ever perused lists or searches of MMOs on mobile platforms, you might have run across a sci-fi title with the intriguing name of The Infinite Black. This single-shard universe hosts thousands of players exploring, forming alliances, and fighting — all of the things you’d expect in a space sim.

While The Infinite Black has been an exclusively mobile game to date, that’s about to change. The game is preparing to make the jump from mobile to Steam in the imminent future. It is not live as of yet, although you can keep tabs on the Steam page to see when this will change.

“Everything is done and ready to go!” the studio posted. “We’ve submitted the final build to Steam for approval. It can take one to five days for them to approve, but will launch immediately once that happens. We expect an influx of hundreds or thousands of new players. Please try your best to not murder them in the crib!”


E3 2016: Sci-fi MMORPG Dual Universe is FFA PvP for builders

That headline may sound strange, but after a long, hard talk with game creator JC Baillie of Novaquark at E3 this week, I feel it’s the most accurate. Initial rumblings about the game hinted at a huge, single server game with seamless planet-to-space action plus voxel-based world building. I was admittedly skeptical when I heard about it, even more so when I saw some of the pictures. Then we got this week’s E3 video, and to the demo, Baillie brought a treat with him: the actual game.

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Star Conflict summarizes its journey through 2015

Curious what Star Conflict has been up to over the past 12 months? The developers put together a new video to summarize the major events and updates that took place in this space MMO, including invasions, the tutorial, the test server, and new ships. Even if you haven’t been playing the game, it’s a neat montage of Star Conflict’s visuals and combat.

The devs said that the new year will see the open space portion of the game expanding, “bringing the game even closer to open world space simulators.” You can watch the 2015 review video after the jump.

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Infinity: Battlescape crosses fundraising goal

I-Novae Studios is surely popping the cork today to celebrate the fact that its space sim, Infinity: Battlescape, has passed its $300,000 funding goal on Kickstarter. Infinity’s campaign has a little less than a day to go before it wraps up.

“The whole team would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to every one of our backers, this is a victory for all of us, we couldn’t have done it without you!” the studio gushed.

Infinity has set a stretch goal for the last hours of its campaign: If the project reaches $400,000, the team will add “highly detailed damage models for ship internal systems.”

You can check out a combat montage of Infinity: Battlescape after the break.

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Infinity: Battlescape has nearly reached its Kickstarter goal

Space sim Infinity: Battlescape has three days left on its Kickstarter, so you may want to consider chipping in if you’ve got a hankering for seamless interplanetary warfare, orbital bombardments, and space battles featuring hundreds of players. Infinity also boasts Newtonian physics and a flight model that makes each planet’s atmosphere “a unique experience based on drag, thrust-to-weight ratio, atmospheric density, gravity, and turbulence.” The game also offers modding support, with an example of such shown in the video after the cut.

As of press time, I-Novae’s project has raised almost $277,000 out of its $300,000 goal, with just under 4,700 backers making it happen. The devs have updated the Kickstarter reward tiers with additional perks at the $100, $150, and $500 level.

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Leaderboard: Will you play Infinity Battlescape?

Infinity: Battlescape looks to have a little momentum on Kickstarter. I-Novae’s seamless space battler is over two thirds of the way to its $300,000 goal with just under two weeks to go. The title may pick up a few more backers, too, thanks to positive word of mouth and the endorsement of some space sim bigwigs around the industry.

What about you, though, MOP fans? Assuming you like space sims, does Infinity: Battlescape interest you enough to play it? Vote after the cut!

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At last, Infinity: Battlescape is on Kickstarter

Old school Massively readers might recall us writing about Infinity, a long-in-development space sim MMO with a truly massive procedurally generated universe and the ability to seamlessly transition from space to atmosphere to land on some frickin’ huge planets.

Developer I-Novae Studios has taken to Kickstarter with a combat-focused portion of its original sandbox vision. The game is called Infinity: Battlescape and, depending on your pledge tier, you could be playing it as early as January of 2016. The Kickstarter has been in the works for quite a while, and so far it has generated over $65,000 of its $300,000 goal with 29 days remaining.

Among the highlights are Newtonian physics, a seamless true-to-scale solar system, and modding support. Click past the cut for the trailer.

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E3 2015: David Braben on Elite: Dangerous

How does the guy who got motion sickness from Kirby’s Air Ride get assigned to the flight simulators every year? Yes, at this year’s E3, with my guns functioning and my ship mostly flying in an upright position, I checked out Elite: Dangerous with a few tips from the game’s director, David Braben.

Braben is interesting because he’s an old school developer from the times when PCs were certainly king and consoles were on the edge of disaster. He says he enjoys both platforms equally, though. In fact, he prefers using a controller to mouse and keyboard (at least for Elite). While you may play games in a slightly different way, Braben believes the type of game you play doesn’t change with the platform, which is precisely why he wanted to bring Elite to the Xbox One.

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Star Conflict gets a Season 2: Dreadnoughts trailer

Star Conflict got a new trailer today, and that’s because the game’s 1.1.3 update is a biggun. Corporations can fight to control global map locations, assuming they have a dreadnought, which is required for establishing and maintaining your rule. Corp CEOs are in charge of the dreadnought construction process as well as deciding what targets to attack (or defend).

Corp pilots do the flying and the dying, as well as accumulate construction resources. Star Conflict also allows unguilded pilots to participate by allowing them to be recruited by location defenders. Don’t forget to view the Season 2: Dreadnoughts trailer after the break.

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