Elite Dangerous brings Oktoberfest to space in its latest event


We’re just a few days away from the start of October, which means Autumn events are cropping up all across the gaming ‘verse. The latest game to get into the seasonal spirit is Frontier Developments’s space sim Elite Dangerous, which is bringing the time-honored tradition of Oktoberfest into the third millennium with a new, weeklong event. The official (and in-universe) announcement states, “Citizens of the Bhagui system are attempting to resurrect the ancient Oktoberfest celebration, an annual event based on a centuries-old Earth tradition.”

“The scale of the event is unprecedented,” the announcement continues, “and local suppliers are reeling due to the weight of demand.” As such, Mould Federal Mining Incorporated has stepped forward to head an “emergency initiative” to supply the necessary resources. What that means, of course, is that it’s up to players to come up with the requisite supplies, so Mould Federal is offering rewards to players for delivering animal meat, fish, and beer to Leavitt Port in the Bhagui system.

The event will run until next week on October 4th or until the necessary amounts of meat, fish, and beer have been delivered, whichever comes first.

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