Elite: Dangerous brings new engineers to the remote Colonia system


The latest update to Elite Dangerous sees the arrival of valuable engineers in the remote system of Colonia, giving players on the fringes of the interplanetary frontier a place to upgrade their equipment without flying all the way back to the bubble. But there are a couple of catches, of course: For one, in order to make use of the Colonia engineers’ services, players will first need to speak with four engineer NPCs found throughout the core systems, each of which requires players to satisfy certain prerequisites.

The other catch is that, on account of Colonia’s location on the remote periphery of civilized space, the engineers have limited access to resources, so their tech-upgrading capabilities are likewise limited — at least at first. The Colonia engineers start at skill level 1 for their respective module types, but each upgrade they complete will earn them skill points up to skill level 5, allowing them to provide higher-level upgrades. Notably, when an engineer’s skill level increases, it increases for everyone who uses the engineer’s services, so it’s up to the game’s community to work together to get the Colonia engineers operating at maximum efficiency. For the full details on how to unlock the services of the new engineers, click on over to the announcement post on the game’s official forums.


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I like the way they’ve done this, it fits in with what Colonia was always meant to be about, a small community banding together and living a frontier-style way of life.

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Tobasco da Gama

The real advantage here is twofold:

* more pinned blueprint slots
* applying experimental effects without returning to the Bubble

Really glad this finally got done. It’ll be tempting to just move out to Colonia for good now, since I don’t give a frig about Power Play.