Prosperous Universe gets ready to jump to FTL

Faster-than-light travel may be an impossible dream of our time, but for the three-person crew piloting the Prosperous Universe development ship, it’s all but a reality. The small team announced that it is almost ready to introduce players to how the space sandbox will handle FTL travel and turn over the flight controls to testers to see how they handle it.

We expect mass casualties.

“When jumping into a destination star system, the ships will not arrive directly at the destination planet anymore,” the team explained. “Instead, they appear in a safe distance (0.5 astronomical units at the moment) of the planet and will have to do a short slower-than-light flight to the target.”

Other projects that the team is working on this week include notification alerts that will inform players when something important is happening with their in-game business and laying out a strategy for marketing.

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Bryan Turner

So let me get this straight if you’re playing this game and you want to go to a neighboring start system you have to micromanage a Generation ship for decades? Does time in this game move like a Civilization Game where turns take decades, is this an MMO or a turn based strategy game?

Julian Colbus

Hey, Bryan! Time in the game runs at the same speed as real time, it’s not turn-based. However, propulsion in the world of Prosperous Universe has advanced to a point where ships move around much faster than they do in reality. Moving from one planet to another within a system usually takes a few hours, moving between systems can be done via FTL jumps. And yup, it’s an MMO! (Source: I’m part of the development team. Let me know if you have any more questions or come join our forums!)
– Julian

Cosmic Cleric

Has anyone played this at all? Any thoughts, if so? (Assuming its in early access.)

Julian Colbus

Hi there! As of now, we’ve just been doing tests that ran for a few days up to a couple of weeks. Early Access release will be some time this year. Anybody interested can join our next test, which is taking place in a few weeks. It’s free, so you can have look for yourself if you like. Just sign up for our newsletter or join the forums to get a heads up when the time comes. Or, of course, wait for the full release when the game world becomes persistent. (: But that might still be a while.
– Julian