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Prosperous Universe gets ready to jump to FTL

Faster-than-light travel may be an impossible dream of our time, but for the three-person crew piloting the Prosperous Universe development ship, it’s all but a reality. The small team announced that it is almost ready to introduce players to how the space sandbox will handle FTL travel and turn over the flight controls to testers to see how they handle it.

We expect mass casualties.

“When jumping into a destination star system, the ships will not arrive directly at the destination planet anymore,” the team explained. “Instead, they appear in a safe distance (0.5 astronomical units at the moment) of the planet and will have to do a short slower-than-light flight to the target.”

Other projects that the team is working on this week include notification alerts that will inform players when something important is happening with their in-game business and laying out a strategy for marketing.


Pixel Starships is launching on January 6

Fans of retro-themed pocket spaceships rejoice, for Pixel Starships is heading to a worldwide launch on January 6th. The game recently came out in Australia after a period of beta testing stretching back to early November.

Pixel Starships bills itself as “the world’s first total starship management game in an 8-bit massive online universe.” The team ran a successful Kickstarter campaign a while back in which it expressed the desire to create a mobile starship game that would take place on a single, persistent server with regular updates.

You can watch a short trailer for it below to get a feel for what Pixel Starships has to offer.

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Strategy space sim Pixel Starships starts early access alpha this month

If you’re anything like some of us and you’re a sucker for cutaway management games like FTL, Fallout Shelter, and Star Command, then you might be interested in the upcoming Pixel Starships.

Sporting the retro 8-bit design that’s all the rage on mobile these days, Pixel Starships puts players in the role of a captain who has to micromanage a (cute) crew, go on missions, and gradually upgrade his or her ship. What’s even better is that the devs are skewing the title toward the MMO side of the spectrum: “We want to invest in a persistent world similar to World of Warcraft with fresh content and new players making the game alive and exciting for decades.”

Pixel Starships recently completed a successful Kickstarter campaign to finish the game’s development. It goes into early access alpha on August 20th, with an iPhone and iPad launch later in 2015. A PC version is slated for next year.

You can check out a couple of Pixel Starships’ videos after the break to get a better feel for this stellar title.

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Starship Empire gives you command of your own ship and crew

How much would a decent intergalactic starship cost? If you said $10,000, you are totally dreaming — but you also might be in luck if you’re willing to settle for a mere video game. A new indie project, Starship Empire, is asking for $10K on Kickstarter to purchase better artwork for this stellar ship simulator.

Starship Empire gives you command of not only your own ship but a crew as well, and then it sets you loose to trade, explore, and get into a whole heck of a lot of real-time PvP fights. The big twist with this game is that a lot of the action takes place inside the ship as you order your crew around. The developer is billing it as “Star Control meets FTL plus multiplayer.”

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