Starkeepers may be the massively multiplayer Valheim you’ve been craving


A new MMORPG emerged from this past week’s IGN Expo 2022, looking both familiar and exotic at the same time.

Wolfpack Games announced that it is working on Starkeepers, an “action-packed multiplayer online game” that puts players in the roles of cosmic defenders. Naturally, this means that they’ll all be anthropomorphic animal Viking-things channeling ancient forces. The best part? The more you learn, the more you can morph into different forms.

In Starkeepers, players will build community bases, go on dungeon expeditions, and wage war against other “Starkeeps.” The game sports a low-poly look that is quite reminiscent of Valheim.

“Actions have consequences,” the studio said. “Both individual and group decisions influence how the narrative unfolds every season. A dynamic questing system brings back the element of surprise. Set out on common objectives, discover the hidden roads less traveled, or go rogue and dive into the deep end, you chart your own story epic.”

Starkeepers is planning to come to early access in 2023.

Source: Steam, IGN
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