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One Shots: The voyage home

When you've spent a whole lot of calories burning, pillaging, and looting villages, it's a welcome sight to see the rest and shelter of...

The Stream Team: Bring on a Valheim Bonemass boss beatdown

The bosses in Valheim are the measure of story progression; you work your way up the bosses for Odin. Your reward? More dangerous spawns...

Massively Uplifting: Gamestonk, gorillas, and giving in MMOs

When it comes to feel-good stories in the general media, coming across a positive one about gaming seems harder than finding a four-leaf clover....

Valheim can now be played in VR thanks to a modder

Bless the modder community, making games we enjoy even better. That could certainly be said for the VHVR mod, which lets players of Valheim...

Global Chat: Giddy over SWTOR’s Dark Descent

For MMO blogs that only cover a single game, an announcement of an upcoming content release is like a mini-Christmas all to itself. This...

Battle Bards Episode 189: Spooky and Magical 3

Is that a chill creeping down your spine? Did your ears just perk up at the hint of fae music in the trees? Is...

The Stream Team: Finding piece(s of yourself) in the mountains of Valheim

Ahh, the serenity of the mountains. Massively OP's MJ goes there to find peace. But in Valheim, she's likely to find pieces of herself!...

The Stream Team: Doing the swamp thing in Valheim

Once Massively OP's MJ started trying to build in Valheim, she couldn't stop! But there is so much more to the game to see,...

Valheim players create a PvP tourney and take down a boss with 50 wolves as game sales hit 5M

While major content updates to the early access Viking survival sandbox Valheim haven't come out yet, that definitely hasn't stopped players from making their...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 311: The day the MMOs died

Justin and Bree discuss Anthem Next's demise, Defiance and Gamigo's MMO purge, DDO's big news, Black Desert's free-play, Riot's MMO, and mobile Warcraft, with adventures in LOTRO, City of Heroes, WoW Classic, and Elder Scrolls Online, plus mailbag topics on post subs, Valheim, and MMOs as they used to be.
Yes, this is one of the few cases wherein EA kinda gets to be the good guys.

Global Chat: Grieving over Anthem’s demise

Belghast over at Tales of the Aggronaut is going through several stages of grief over the news that Anthem has ceased active development. It's...

The Stream Team: A very Valheim day

After super eventful first prey fights in Valheim, Massively OP's MJ is looking forward to a more relaxed look at the life of a...

MMO Business Roundup: Apple’s Steam subpoena, CCP on the cheap, and Valheim’s 4M

Welcome back to yet another MMO and MMO-adjacent business news roundup - it's the season for these shenanigans, you know. Valve and Apple: Remember earlier...

Choose My Adventure: In search of RvR in WAR Return of Reckoning; first steps in Darkfall Rise of Agon

The Warhammer Online: Return of Reckoning has effectively transformed into me doing two games at once for Choose My Adventure. Let me explain. First, I...

Valheim gets a first-person mod as the game hits 3M sales and 500K concurrency

The star of Valheim continues to rise. Developer Iron Gate Studios confirmed over the past weekend that sales of the game hit another high,...

The Stream Team: Facing Valheim’s first prey

Trees may be the biggest threat in Valheim right now, but soon Massively OP's MJ will face the first prey the gods sent her...

First impressions: Valheim early access is already one of the best co-op sandboxes in recent memory

Straight away, I'm going to admit that my favorable impressions of Valheim are wholly informed by the fact that I have the good fortune...

Valheim concurrency soars past 360K as the game’s now sold 2M copies

When we first reported on the early access launch of Valheim, the new Viking-themed co-op survival sandbox, we pointed out that the game was...

The Stream Team: A first look at Valheim’s vikings

There's a conspiracy afoot to make Massively OP's MJ a viking in Valheim; friends in and outside of MOP are in on it! One...

Valheim is a co-op PvE-minded survival title of conquering a Viking purgatory – and it’s already sold 1M copies

Oh look, another survival sandbox! Before you close the browser tab, though, it would appear that this one has some genuinely unique hooks that...