The Stream Team: Scoping out Elite Dangerous on the PlayStation 4


It’s time to get dangerous. Elite Dangerous.

Er, with me. On YouTube. As a newbie. On a PlayStation 4. You know, this is already sounding pretty dodgy, guys. Expect a lot of self-destructs and technical difficulties as I jump into the cockpit, controller in hand, and try to get into a game I’ve mostly read about from the safety of the internet. We’ll be streaming this time on YouTube to suit PS4 play, so that’ll be fun to try!

What: Elite Dangerous
Who: Andrew Ross
When: 4:00 p.m. EDT on Wednesday, July 12th, 2017

Having trouble with our live feed or chat? Visit the Massively OP channel on YouTube in your browser or on your mobile device. Missed a part of the show? Don’t worry; we’ll post the complete stream here when it’s over, and you can always check out past streams and playlists posted in our videos collection!
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