Kickstarted space MMO Starfighter: Infinity is heading to early access


If you are in the market to try out a new space sim and aren’t that discriminating when it comes to graphics or a price tag, you may want to hyperjump over to Steam to give Starfighter: Infinity a scan now that it is in early access.

Created by indie game designer Ben Olding and not to be confused with Starfighter Inc., Starfighter: Infinity labels itself as a “space-based MMORPG” with a focus on dogfighting action and exploration.” It may have the rough look of an indie MMO, but underneath the hood this title has a good amount of content, including 62 playable ships, top-down combat, over 550 items, mining, 12 star systems, player organizations, a virtual reality mode, space stations, and a mixture of PvE and PvP.

Starfighter: Infinity raised £17,585 from a Kickstarter last year to help push the game across the finish line. This is a buy-to-play game, so just be aware that it has a $20 up-front fee to access. Then again, that’s a lot cheaper than a $200 Star Citizen ship by far. We’ve got the trailers for you after the break!


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Just here to see Star Citizen salt. Thanks for not disappointing.


I say this here every so often and yeah, I know I’ll be one of the few to think along these lines, but in my view the best top-down space “MMO” still hasn’t been beaten – Subspace (aka Continuum). Sadly it’s just too old to have anything but a hardcore following that’s intimidating for new players. It really amazes and also kinda frustrates me that in this modern age of easily accessible game engines, someone didn’t knuckle down and create a true spiritual successor to it. The closest thing to it is Starblast, a freaking .io game, for heaven’s sake…

Rant over and back to the topic – pretty sure this game won’t get very far at a £16 entry fee, but I wish it every success.


I enjoyed Subspace/Continuum back in its prime, but I can’t see its top down arena shooter genre making any kind of resurgence in the mmo front. Most mmo players are pretty big on persistent progression + large persistent world, which Subspace doesn’t have. More generally, the game itself is an arena based pvp, so its competing in the same genre as games such as Rocket League, Fortnite, World of Tanks, Overwatch, and many other successful games. In some ways, we can consider all of those games to be “spiritual successors”.


Just to correct a misleading statement in the OP- the least expensive entry point into Star Citizen is $45, not $200. I’m not here to make any other comparisons between the games- just to point out that you don’t need to spend $200 to get into Star Citizen. In fact they host semi-regular free-fly events where it costs you nothing to try the game out in its current state.

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Yeah that was a totally unnecessary dig.


Agreed…and what you get in Star Citizen compared to this is like a grand buffet to a single appetizer plate.