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Massively on the Go: Pokemon Scarlet and Violet inches franchise closer to Monster Hunter multiplayer status

Let me start off by saying I am thoroughly enjoying Pokemon Scarlet and Violet for what they are: an open world Pokemon game with more multiplayer than Sword and...

‘Shared open world’ mobile and PC RPG Tower of Fantasy confirms global release later this year

In July of last year, we caught wind of the multiplayer title Tower of Fantasy, a sci-fi open world RPG in development by China's...
The continuation.

Tencent teases the announcement of a new open-world MMO powered by Unreal Engine 5 next week

With all of the summertime games showcases fluttering around like tree pollen, it's probably easy to kind of lose track of one or two...

The Soapbox: Single-player open worlds will never equal those of MMORPGs

These days it seems like sprawling open worlds are becoming an ever more popular choice for single-player games, from the newer Assassin's Creed titles...

Fioresia Online is an open world MMORPG with farming, housing, questing, and castle conquering

Well, would you look at this little charmer. Say hello to Fioresia Online, an in-development open world MMORPG that promises a variety of things...

Not So Massively: Imagining a true MMORTS

MMOs and RTS are two of the genres of game I play the most. Given that, you'd think I'd be a big fan of...

Kickstarted space MMO Starfighter: Infinity is heading to early access

If you are in the market to try out a new space sim and aren't that discriminating when it comes to graphics or a...

Conan Exiles patch brings gamebreaking bugs, causes community uproar

It seems there's been a bit of a hubbub surrounding the latest patch for Conan Exiles. It all started a few days ago, when...
A long time ago, in a galaxy... oh, you know.

EA is reportedly making an online, open-world Star Wars game

Depending on your feelings toward Electronic Arts and Star Wars, the news that the publisher is working on a new open-world game set in...

Blizzard to WoW testers: Class orders will not be like garrison missions

If you've paid any attention to World of Warcraft during its present expansion cycle, you are probably aware that Garrisons have not exactly been...

The Daily Grind: How do you plot your gameplay in an open-world sandbox?

Quantic Foundry's series of blog posts in support of its Gamer Motivation Model continue with its most recent piece on open world games, which...

Conan Exiles includes purges, human sacrifice, and nudity

While the upcoming Conan Exiles will take place in the same fictional universe as Age of Conan and be made by the same studio,...

Funcom announces Conan Exiles, a multiplayer open-world survival game

Funcom has just announced that one of the Conan games it's working on is Conan Exiles, a multiplayer, open-world survival game. 'CONAN EXILES' is first...

Project Genom turns on open world system

There are those moments in MMO game development when titles go from being a limited series of features to an integrated, expansive world. For Project...
Whoa there, little mechy.

Project Genom is getting a full open world and rebuilt locations

Wondering what's going on with Project Genom? You're not the only one, as the most recent development dispatch makes it clear that the team...

The Daily Grind: How can MMORPGs capitalize on the success of single-player sandboxes?

Yesterday, Wired published an intriguing editorial that argued "open worlds are changing how we play videogames." Author Jake Muncy is talking about single-player games,...
Great big world.

Wisdom of Nym: Much ado about Final Fantasy XIV’s Diadem

There's a whole lot to be said about the Diadem. Let's start: It's kind of a mess because it's a really solid idea lacking...

Here are a few more gameplay vids from the Bless beta

Steparu has published another look at this week's Bless Korean beta test. This time around, he tackles a flying tour and reveals that the...

Ion is a ‘massive open world universe’ from Dean Hall and Improbable

DayZ creator Dean Hall announced his new RocketWerkz studio last winter. This week, we've got a better idea of what he's been up to...

Atari announces Asteroids: Outpost MMO

This has already been such a weird day for MMOs, so why not this? Atari announced that it's reviving one of its most famous...