Project Genom is getting a full open world and rebuilt locations

Whoa there, little mechy.

Wondering what’s going on with Project Genom? You’re not the only one, as the most recent development dispatch makes it clear that the team was well aware of how silent the team has been. But there was a good reason for that silence: The game is getting a full open world, which meant that a lot of locations had to be completely rebuilt, which meant time away from providing useful information and time spent, well, rebuilding locations.

The good news, of course, is that the team is moving on to other projects such as pets, tactical armors, and vehicles. Players who own high-end founder’s packs will soon be able to access the changes on the game’s test servers, so you won’t have to simply wonder about what’s changed based on a few lines of text.

Source: Official site. Thanks Gaius!
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