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Betawatch: Boxes of sand survival for Conan Exiles and Wild West Online (May 11, 2018)

Sometimes, the title “survival sandbox” might seem a bit inaccurate or limiting. But then you get into stuff like Conan Exiles and Wild West Online, games that… well, pretty much place you inside of a box of sand to survive. And they both launched this week! Which means that we’re waving farewell to them from this particular column, but we hope everyone has fun in that box full of sand. Oh, there’s so much sand there, you wouldn’t believe. Sandy everything.

Other beta news? Hey, why not, it’s a free country. How fun.

Want more betas? Boy, you always want more. Good thing there’s a list just below! But do let us know if something slipped into proper launch without letting us know or if the developers seem to have dropped off of the face of the planet. That… latter one might be more likely.

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Project Genom’s massive new patch adds new territory, proper character customization, a UI revamp, and new quests

Project Genom has been heavily updated this week, and according to developer NeuronHaze, that’s all thanks to the players who’ve supported the title since 2016. Updates to the map are among the key improvements.

“The previous version of the game’s world which had an area of 10 square kilometers, increased to 100 square kilometers and was completely redesigned: hundreds of plant species, complex materials, unique biomes, ruined Gunar cities, bases and outposts, human settlements, the changing of the time of day and many small pleasant trifles,” NeuronHaze writes. “The world has yet to be livened up and improved, but filling the beautiful world with life is much more pleasant than a small and stunted one.”

Players should also expect new character models, improved character anatomy, redesigned armor, unique animations for male and female characters, basic character customization (including facial hair, scars, and tats), a huge AI upgrade for mobs, new NPCs, an “adequate dialogue system,” a do-over for the UI and HUD and 3-D map, new quests, and a revised main storyline. I told you it was a biggun!

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The MOP Up: Neverwinter’s Lost City of Omu arrives on consoles (April 29, 2018)

The MMO industry moves along at the speed of information, and sometimes we’re deluged with so much news here at Massively Overpowered that some of it gets backlogged. That’s why there’s The MOP Up: a weekly compilation of smaller MMO stories and videos that you won’t want to miss. Seen any good MMO news? Hit us up through our tips line!

Maybe you’ll discover a new game in this space — or be reminded of an old favorite! This week we have stories and videos from Project GenomSplatoon 2ClosersWorld of SpeedRuneScape, and Neverwinter, all waiting for you after the break!

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Project Genom prepares major alpha patch for release

Project Genom is on the cusp of bringing an extensively tested build over to its live alpha servers. As the team makes final preparations for this patch, it’s running some final tests and refining certain systems. Once this transfer goes live, players should see more regular updates to the alpha client.

Among the tasks keeping the devs busy on this sci-fi MMO include adding more quests, connecting dungeons to the in-game world, wrapping up animations on the Slider mob, and creating high-polygon models of the Slider larvae.

The team also trumpeted the fact that it had fixed a “critical error,” which has resulted in stable servers and databases since the correction.

Source: Steam


Betawatch: Camelot Unchained is working for its beta on July 4 (March 2, 2018)

After a lengthy wait, the first beta for Camelot Unchained is here at last! That’s what we’ll be saying in about a hundred days, because that beta doesn’t actually start until July 4th, but there’s a lot of work being done in the ramp-up for that beta. So now we have a bit of time to kill until then. Who’s up for Scrabble?

Meanwhile, we bid farewell to H1Z1, as the game… technically launched? It’s kind of ambiguous. We’ll go with a launch. Get out of here, H1Z1. Let’s get on with other beta news.

Below us, the list of games we have in testing can also kneel in deference. You, dear readers, can just look through the list at your leisure. Do let us know if something is on there that ought to be listed differently, though, or if there’s something else awry. We appreciate it.

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Project Genom preps its first big update in a while

Testers frustrated by drips and dribbles from the Project Genom team hopefully will soon have more than they can handle. The devs said that it is preparing its first big update of the game servers in a long time, although they demurred to give a date or target window for its deployment.

Part of this patch will contain more refined progression and quest reward systems as players move through the game. Project Genom works on a skill system in which points will increase the more an action occurs, such as how taking damage will increase armor points.

Another new toy in the works? A shield generator that will be essential to survival in this hostile world. The team is also working on armor and weapon node leveling trees, optimizing the existing world, and whipping up animations for female toons.

Source: Steam


Project Genom’s morgue is almost open for business

You know what every good MMO needs? A fully functional morgue. Considering just how many corpses players accrue over a career, it’s not a bad idea to have an efficient (and refrigerated) locale to handle the bodies.

The mortuary is but one of many, many additions to the game that Project Genom’s developers are finalizing for the promised “main server update” that is coming in the near future. “At the current time, work is being done in all areas tested by the players. We’re finalizing the network, transitions between servers, and the database,” the team reported.

Testers can expect to find a radically enhanced game when the update drops, with improvements such as the dialogue system, branched quests, better quest rewards, tracked quests, upgraded chat channels, ammo boxes, a large Raider camp, and “extensive work” on optimization.

Source: Steam. With thanks to DK for the humbling reminder of why “Project Blankety Blank” should be outlawed for MMO game names.


Betawatch: Legends of Aria starts its closed beta (February 2, 2018)

Congratulations, Legends of Aria, we’re glad to see that you’re in closed beta now. It’s been a twisting road for this particular title, but we’re hopeful that the road ahead will be filled with fun and success. What? That was serious. There was no sarcasm in there. Seriously, it’s sometimes hard to tell.

Other beta news? Sure thing, buddy. Just for you.

Ah, it’s not really a new year until we’re arguing over spacecraft, is it? But don’t you worry, we’ve got our usual list down below, and we’re always interested to hear from you if something isn’t on there that should be, is on there that shouldn’t be, or should be on there and is on there but isn’t listed in the right test phase. Let us know down in the comments!

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Here’s how you can get started in Project Genom

It must take an awful lot of work and vision to create a believable game world, especially if said world is completely alien to what we know here on Earth. The Project Genom team continues to forge forward with this task, expanding the world with every rock, river, and road.

This week’s newsletter revealed that another facet that is under construction is an improved chat system that includes personal messages and local chat channels. Players can now avail themselves of a new transport service in the starting area, scope out some monkey-like critters, and enjoy more lore involving the Gunars.

Then there’s this: “We’ve added the first Almer transmitter. In addition to the plot one, such transmitters will be hidden in some parts of the world, and if found, they can bring a lot of benefits to the players. Or kill them.”

Thinking about trying your hand at this early access title? One player put together a starter guide to get you up and running as smoothly as possible. Check it out below!

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Project Genom sees 2018 as a pivotal year for development

After teasing word of its “long-awaited” update, Project Genom delivered a development report to fans in the hopes of bringing them up to speed on what’s been done for this sci-fi sandbox over the holidays.

The big push is the preparations being made to transfer the game from the public test realm to the main servers, which includes a lot of fixes and balance tweaks. The team is also working on the basic functionality of its mechs, expanding quests in the world, and adding a new woodland area.

Project Genom grows and develops, though not as fast as we’d like,” the team said. “In any case, this year must be the most important for our game as we plan to bring the project to the level when it will no longer have to be altered. As soon as we reach this development stage we’ll begin to expand the player’s capabilities and prepare Project Genom for the release.”


Project Genom completes its work on Avalon’s biomes

Project Genom continues to brew in alpha, taking form and shape but still a ways away from the vision that the developers have for its finished product. The team reports that this past week a major focus was given to finishing up the main biomes of the Earth-like planet of Avalon.

“The game’s 60-square-miles area will include mixed and coniferous forests, giant sequoias forest, plains with high cliffs and mountainous terrain, snowy area, ice lakes, deserts, lava rivers, Avalon swamps, wild alien steppe, and many small unique zones,” the devs said.

Other projects that has occupied the team’s time include testing Project Genom’s first quests, the basic mechanic for wheeled vehicles, movement of an impish alien, and an improved armor model for the Titan manipulator.

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Project Genom is finally implementing questing and begins work on weather

Early access sci-fi MMO Project Genom has a dev team update that’s bigger than it first appears. “The first small quest appeared on the test servers,” says NeuronHaze. “It means that we came even closer to presenting a full-fledged updated quest system.”

In addition to building out new mech animations, the video for which we’ve included down below, the team says it’s working on biomes – including the sulfur lakes and riverlands. Even more intriguingly, weather is finally on the way.

“Our team began working on the implementation of the weather conditions dynamic change system. In the future, we would like the weather not to simply revive the game world but also to affect the gameplay. For example, it will be more difficult to move around in a snowstorm, limited visibility will make it harder to see the approaching enemy in time, and there will be a chance for the unprepared travelers to receive the Hypothermia debuff.”

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Project Genom gets a handle on quests and dialogue, demos its siege mech

Great news for fans of Project Genom and the title’s progress: The team announced this week that it has put the wraps on the dialogue system and is making great strides to doing the same with quests.

“The game world develops, and we are craving for the implementation of quests into the game,” the team wrote in the October 16th newsletter. “We’ve re-written quests from the point of logic and interest, improved the dialogues, and made them more non-linear. We payed much attention on your feedback and tried to improve the whole storyline aspect of the project. ”

Another one of the team’s recent triumphs is the creation of the siege mech. Check it out in action after the break and let us know what you think in the comments!

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