Project Genom completes its work on Avalon’s biomes


Project Genom continues to brew in alpha, taking form and shape but still a ways away from the vision that the developers have for its finished product. The team reports that this past week a major focus was given to finishing up the main biomes of the Earth-like planet of Avalon.

“The game’s 60-square-miles area will include mixed and coniferous forests, giant sequoias forest, plains with high cliffs and mountainous terrain, snowy area, ice lakes, deserts, lava rivers, Avalon swamps, wild alien steppe, and many small unique zones,” the devs said.

Other projects that has occupied the team’s time include testing Project Genom’s first quests, the basic mechanic for wheeled vehicles, movement of an impish alien, and an improved armor model for the Titan manipulator.

Source: Steam

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