Whatever happened to Project Genom, Inferna, and KurtzPel?


Welcome back to another edition of Whatever Happened To, a recap of MMOs we’d forgotten about but deserve some probing.

Project Genom: Get your F keys ready right at the top here because 2016’s Project Genom looks a bit dead. Back in 2019, developer NeuronHaze pulled the weakly received early access sci-fi MMO off Steam, telling players it planned to rebuild the game around SpatialOS. The problem is it never actually came back, and given that the game had already survived one bizarre round of copyright infringement drama and admitted it wasn’t making enough cash to survive, it looks as if it never will.

KurtzPel: KurtzPel is a KOG Games anime action MMO released back in 2019 that actually fits right in with the crop of anime action titles released in the last few years. And while it does get multiple updates a month, a quick skim through the list shows most are low on content and high on cash shop offerings. The game is currently in the midst of its third season and clocked a peak of 232 players through Steam last month.

Inferna: Finally, we come to open-world MMORPG Inferna, which also hit early access on Steam back in 2019 with plans to remain in early access one year. Three and a half years later, it’s still in early access, we’re afraid. Developer Inferna Limited has been releasing updates and holiday events throughout, however, with the last content-and-balance update coming back at the start of May. The game isn’t breaking 100 players concurrent on Steam, however.

Sorry gang – that was a depressing trio. We’d love to know of more MIA MMOs we should look in on – drop us a tip with more!

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