BitCraft developer releases source code for its SpacetimeDB backend engine to everyone on Github

How has the 20-person Clockwork Labs studio been able to put together its sandbox MMORPG BitCraft? With the use of its bespoke backend engine...
It's not for sale. Sort of.

The Daily Grind: How many dev names do you know on your favorite MMO’s dev team?

I was having a chat with a friend at one point about World of Warcraft's development team and I was about midway through talking...
Oh no.

Brian Holinka is leaving World of Warcraft to join Greg Street at an unnamed studio

You may not immediately remember what Brian Holinka does at Blizzard for World of Warcraft, but if you've followed the game for any length...
What you gonna Wagadu?

The Wagadu Chronicles plans its third alpha test for March 13 with signups open now

It's just about time for fans and testers alike to stop in with The Wagadu Chronicles to see what the game has been up...
Walk free.

The Daily Grind: Do you ever feel as if you dodged a bullet in MMOs?

If you have played an MMO with bullets in it, odds are good you have dodged at least one just because of how these...
I have a thing that goes shoot?

Xbox Game Studios head Matt Booty claims Halo Infinite’s live service plans have fallen far short of expectations

When Halo Infinite launched, some elements of the game were not ready for prime time. Split-screen co-op was not in the game (and has...

Crowfall is going offline on November 22, supposedly for further development work

Since Crowfall was purchased in December of last year, the news coming out of the game has been minimal at best. So today's announcement...
So, probably not.

Pantheon updates fans on its development with its June newsletter

Animations! Banks! Weapon models! Zone artwork! All this and more has been improved in Pantheon over the past month, as relayed to fans in...
Sexy, kinda.

Pantheon updates fans on progress with its March producer’s letter

If you're watching Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen carefully for signs of life, the latest producer's letter should give you hope. There are a lot...
What and what?

Associate director of Ubisoft’s oft-delayed Skull and Bones departs the company

"What the heck is Skull and Bones," you cry. And we hear you! See, back before Ubisoft put out awful NFT nonsense no one wants,...
wot a coinkydink

Diablo III’s Wyatt Cheng claims the game’s tuning wasn’t based on the real-money auction house

Remember the Diablo III real-money auction house? Of course you do; that stuff is like horse armor or "you think you want it, but you...
It's not bae any more.

Starbase continues working on its Easy Build mode and improves explosions

So what's going down on the development side of Starbase? Well, you know. Shooting at ships with a sniper rifle, making parts explode, that...
Want to look cool, do we?

Diablo IV quarterly update shines a light on character art

There's a lot of work that goes into making sure that characters in Diablo IV look cool. No, really; the latest quarterly update on...
This is expensive.

Star Trek Online staff members explain why ships and boxes get released faster than missions

If you've played Star Trek Online either casually or consistently for a while, you've probably noticed that the game puts out a lot of ships...
I've seen things.

TitanReach shows off new animal models that have glimpsed the unknowable

Look at the deer up there. That is the new deer model TitanReach has unveiled in its most recent development entry, and it is an...
Tony tony tony

Former Marvel Heroes developer Brian Waggoner is now working on Marvel’s Avengers

Remember Marvel Heroes? You probably do! It was a pretty popular game, after all, and as we noted last year it was ultimately the implosion...

Whatever happened to Riders of Icarus?

Riders of Icarus launched in 2016 as a rather unique title chiefly due to its mount and pet mechanics that gave everyone tameable, usable...

Fractured updates players on the tech tree and studio investment while delaying its next test

You probably don't need anyone to tell you that the winter test for Fractured is not taking place in February, due to certain little indicators...
Remember when the worst thing this game did was nonsense about avoiding auction houses?

TitanReach addresses early access funding – and how it pays its staff

We have updated this piece with additional comments from the developer at the end. The original piece follows. If you are working on an MMO,...

Naoki Yoshida sees at least another five years of vitality in Final Fantasy XIV

The fourth major expansion for Final Fantasy XIV, Endwalker, is just around the corner (to the extent you can consider "planned for fall" to be just...