TitanReach shows off new animal models that have glimpsed the unknowable

I've seen things.

Look at the deer up there. That is the new deer modelĀ TitanReach has unveiled in its most recent development entry, and it is an animal that has seen horrors it is not prepared to articulate. This is a deer that should have a cigarette and a shaky hand holding a lighter. Also included among these new models are blank-faced gormless birds resigned to the fate of oblivion, a bear that has a mouth and must scream, a bat that keeps all of its pain inside, and a scorpion that… actually, it just looks like a scorpion.

We guess it’s possible the scorpion has beheld the name of a deity or something.

Maybe it’s the dearth of animations for some of these models that gives them such haunted expression, but the entry also notes that the team is working on those as well and shows off some new prototypes, as well as new objects, visual effects, and landscape layouts. It’s clear that forward motion is being made on the game, and if the price for that is showing a deer which has glimpsed unknown horror, perhaps that’s fair.

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