Associate director of Ubisoft’s oft-delayed Skull and Bones departs the company

What and what?

“What the heck is Skull and Bones,” you cry. And we hear you! See, back before Ubisoft put out awful NFT nonsense no one wants, the company occasionally made games. Skull and Bones was going to be one of them, but then it got delayed. And then it got delayed again, and again, and to make a long story short it’s now supposedly launching sometime after April 1st this year as a live service game. Also, its associate director just left Ubisoft after 15 years with the company, so that’s…

Actually, we don’t know whether that’s a good sign or a bad one for this game that was supposed to be a thing back in 2017. It’s probably a better sign than the harassment scandal that happened with the game’s Singapore studio last year.

The departure has not prompted another announced delay for the game yet, which supposedly was delayed before due to a lack of clear creative vision. But supposedly it’s still full steam ahead, all sails to full, and other nautical metaphors because it’s a game about pirate ships. So hopefully we’ll see what happened after all this time in development this year, although if you expect another delay, we can hardly blame you at this point.

Further reading about the aforementioned scandals:

Source: VG24/7
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