And again.

The Daily Grind: What MMO delay has annoyed you the most?

Sometimes things get delayed. It happens. It's generally not a desired outcome by any of the people making an MMO, but you just need...
Get back.

WoW Factor: Shadowlands’ delay is a genuinely good thing – for everyone

Well, this was a big old shocker for a Thursday night that's going to screw with a bunch of data! Also, it's a majorly...
It's wrecked.

Final Fantasy XIV announces patch 5.3 will launch on August 11

Final Fantasy XIV fans eagerly awaiting the game's next patch (which means more or less everyone playing the game) will be waiting a while....
We still care.

Final Fantasy XI explains the delay of its anniversary event

It's easy to forget for North American players, butĀ Final Fantasy XI's actual anniversary is in May, since it took a little while before it...

Sea of Thieves delays Forsaken Shores update until September 27th

Earlier this week, Sea of Thieves Executive Producer Joe Neate issued an update to keep fans apprised of Rare's progress on development of the...
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Dark and Light is unveiling a new update timeline in March

Last week's patch for Dark and Light was delayed, following the patch from the week before also being delayed. What's going on? According to...
Bye, no one will weep.

Mu Legend delays open beta from September to November

Those who are eagerly awaiting the open beta test for MU Legend got hit with some bad news with the announcement that the game's...
Come fly with me.

Rift of the Damned patch for Riders of Icarus is delayed to September 29

A slight delay has hit the next big patch for Riders of Icarus, which was previously scheduled to go live on September 28th. The...
Big empty.

No Man’s Sky developers thank players for their understanding of its delay

Those eagerly awaiting No Man's Sky must continue to eagerly await a bit longer, as the game's current delayed release is August 9th in...