Dark and Light is unveiling a new update timeline in March

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Last week’s patch for Dark and Light was delayed, following the patch from the week before also being delayed. What’s going on? According to the game’s latest community newsletter, it’s simply a matter of having a whole lot of systems being developed and the team trying hard to avoid any big issues with the deployment of content. The good news for players is that they can expect an updated development roadmap later this month, so that should help create a more accurate timeline for updates.

As for what’s actually coming in those updates, the development team is looking forward to dropping the Air Temple as a new PvE experience for players. There are also plans for a community development kit sometime in March, allowing players to create more customized content as they’d prefer. Both of these updates should be out in March, so players won’t have to wait much longer before they can explore some new content. (Assuming it’s not delayed again.)