Blade & Soul un-delays its Wind Chasers update originally delayed over critical crash bug [Updated]

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(This article has been updated with NCsoft’s latest decision at the end.)

All the nice Blade & Soul players just wanted to have a nice little wind-walking race to play together, for a treat. Unfortunately, that’s proven quite difficult. The initial release was meant to be in October, but it was delayed due to unspecified technical issues. Then it was moved to be a central feature of the game’s update in November, but that has also been delayed now because of what’s described simply as a critical crash bug that can’t be fixed in time for release. And if you were looking forward to at least being able to still play the game, well… it’s still down for maintenance today.

It’s hard to be sure what’s happening as only some details have been revealed, but an extended maintenance was already planned to fix an error with the servers using the incorrect server times. This resulted in events not happening when they were meant to be taking place, and so it’s likely that the overlap between fixing two different bugs forced a delay in the whole process. So we’re sorry, those of you who want to windwalk through a race; you’re going to have to keep waiting a little longer.

Update 11:55a EST
Apparently, NCsoft fixed the problem on time. “Our teams have been working hard, and we were able to fix a problem that prevented us from publishing the Wind Chasers release,” the studio now says. “Contrary to what we announced yesterday, we will release the Great Windwalk Race today.”

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