Blade & Soul’s previously delayed windwalking race event gets a new release date of November 9


Last month’s Symphony of Destruction patch for Blade & Soul was meant to include a windwalking race event, but unfortunately it was cancelled because of some technical issues that NCsoft never really elaborated on. That’s all in the past now, though, as the feature is arriving in its own update on November 9th.

This upcoming patch, known as Wind Chasers, will have the windwalking race as its primary feature. During the event, players will have to race one another up to the top of a mountain using their wuxia-styled windwalking skills. The patch will also feature some minor changes to the game that will be outlined in the patch notes.

Regular fans may note this patch is lighter in content when compared to previous updates, but that falls in line with the dev team’s stated reeling back of their content cadence. Regardless, there’s just about a week to wait before players get to race one another through the sky.

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