Diablo Immortal merged a ton of servers with today’s update


How well is Diablo Immortal doing right now? Well, we’ve had a couple of clues: Its global launch in June wasn’t enough to rescue Blizzard’s Q2 financials, but its Chinese launch in July propped up its Q3. Perhaps that’s why Blizzard has rolled out server merges for North America, South America, Korea, and Japan as of this morning.

“This change is being made so players will have an easier time finding other players to party up with regardless of the server they play on,” Blizzard writes. “We will continue to monitor player populations on all servers and merge additional servers as needed.” Do note that the merges will be relatively seamless with pretty much everything carrying over, even guilds and market transactions, though you may find your name usurped and need to make use of a free name change.

Today’s update also flips start times for some daily activities thanks to player feedback, makes some set items easier to acquire through crafting, and tweaks legendary gems (again).

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