Final Fantasy XIV announces patch 5.3 will launch on August 11

It's wrecked.

Final Fantasy XIV fans eagerly awaiting the game’s next patch (which means more or less everyone playing the game) will be waiting a while. No, longer than that. Like… extend past July. A new letter from producer and director Naoki Yoshida confirms that the new scheduled launch date for the patch is August 11th, meaning that the patch was ultimately delayed by about two months from its initial planned launch, due largely to a need to set things up so that the QA team would be able to work properly on testing and refinement.

While Yoshida doesn’t anticipate further delays to the game’s overall patch schedule, he doesn’t foresee any way to accelerate the patches significantly, meaning that subsequent patches and the next expansion will be pushed back by a similar length of time; at the same time, he also does confirm that there is another expansion being worked on (something basically everyone already knew, but it’s nice to have it confirmed). So you’ll have to wait until August for patch 5.3, but the team is still hard at work and staying safe.


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Danny Smith

Boy am i excited for the nier raid. Keiichi Okabe is basically the only other guy besides Soken at Square thats still kicking out the hits after Uematsu soft retired.

Vincent Clark

This little nugget was dropped into the letter for those of who you missed it…

Dagget Burmese

Still no hints from Square Enix name registrations as to the next expansion?