Ubisoft claims that it ‘cannot be openly political’ in The Division

oh, wait, you're serious

Gosh, this is one heck of a sentiment. Ubisoft’s COO, Alf Condelius, recently spoke at the Sweden Game Conference and claimed that it could not and would not be openly political in The Division. That was a statement made. The game specifically cited was The Division, not The Division 2, so while we’re certain that you can’t insert politics into a game about the US government forming a paramilitary strikeforce in quarantined Manhattan after a disease outbreak, perhaps you can insert them into a game about the same thing taking place in Washington, DC.

You know, the current capital of the United States of America, instead of the former capital. (Very briefly, to be fair.)

Condelius went on to state that players are allowed to have their own interpretations, which is entirely appropriate in a title that is, again, about agents of Homeland Security taking over as a military strikeforce in a quarantine zone and re-establishing order. Thank goodness there are no politics in these stories, just like how we’re all happier when we don’t get politics in our stories about government-made supersoldiers.

Source: GamesIndustry.biz and this miserable hell timeline we find ourselves in
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